Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Back to School

The kids are off to school. It's a great feeling to have all three kids in elementary school.  Now, last year, yes, Miss Missy was in all day Pre-K, but the difference this year is that Mommy doesn't have to get dressed and get out of the house to take anyone to school!  What a wonderful feeling!  

Today didn't start off that great.  Here it is the 3rd day of school and we woke up 30 minutes late.  I use my cell as an alarm clock and I didn't bring it in the bedroom last night, didn't plug it up, the battery was dead.  The boys forgot to turn on their alarm, and the husband had apparently left his cell in the car.  It was meant to be a late day, I think.  So everything was done at top speed, but all three kids got out of the house and on to the bus completely dressed, teeth brushed and FED!  An accomplishment in itself. 

I'm having trouble with getting back on schedule.  We didn't have dinner until 8 last night.  During the summer and before Hubs came I didn't really do a lot of cooking and on days when I didn't feel like it, I just told the kids to fend for themselves.  Often times dinner was hot dogs and Ramen Noodles. Now that hubs is home, I actually have to COOK.  Imagine that!  So, I just forgot that there was a need to make dinner last night and ended up with a late start.  The evening was just really hectic last night.  CJ was cranky when he first came home, there was homework to be done, they started wrestling... it was just one of those days!

So, today, I am creating and hour by hour schedule from the time the bus gets here at 4pm.  There is going to have to be some structure.  This means that I will not going to be able to sit on the couch and watch Reba for 2 hours.  This is going to mean going back to ironing clothes during the week. This is going to mean going back to ME cleaning the kitchen, because time just doesn't allow the boys to do the same chores they were doing during the summer.

I'm a little cranky just THINKING about going back to a routine.  Sigh.  177 days until summer.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Waterpik Review

You know what?  I have always wanted to upgrade my shower head.  When we built our house 5 years ago we pretty much put in the basics for everything. So of course that included a basic shower head.  So when I go the chance to test out a massaging shower hear from Waterpik, I jumped at the chance! 

With 3 kids, I don't often have time to take relaxing baths.  And who can get regular massages?  I work out and have found that my upper back hurts a lot.  Getting a massage from the Hubs would be like pulling teeth, so having a massaging showerhead is just what the doctor ordered.

Here's a little info on the showerhead:

Since 1962, Water Pik has been committed to developing and manufacturing innovative personal and oral health care products.  They are dedicated to creating products that will not only improve the health and well-being of their consumers, but provide a truly transforming experience.  Water Pik showerheads are designed using their patented OptiFLOW technology, to maximize water pressure by increasing water force by up to 30%! This provides you with an enjoyable shower, so you feel refreshed and invigorated.

The Easy Select ultra sleek design will add style and sophistication to any bathroom.  Installing the showerhead is a quick and easy 3 step process- it's so simple, your kids can even assist! The five different spray modes allow you to add variety and enjoyment to your shower time. 


What is great is that one of the setting gives a little added pressure which is perfect for the sore muscles in my upper back.  I enjoy this shower head and it adds a small upgrade to the house I'm about to put on the market!