Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday

Okay, so if you read last Thursday's post then you know all about

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday.

I'll be talking about whatever is on my mind. The good, the bad and the ugly. It will give you Fabulous readers a chance to know where I stand on certain issues, be it politics, kids, other blogger's topics, or entertainment. What ever the case, I'll be voicing my opinion and telling it like it is!


The Fabulous Life!

Surely that term had to be meant for the military spouse.

Our lives are like no other. We have the luxury of traveling all over the world, seeing new places like Germany, Italy and Japan. Can you imagine? Moving every three years or so to a new place or new country?

Sounds simply fabulous, doesn't it. Not every one gets to experience a new state, much less a new country. And here we are over there in Paris, France, snapping picture of ourselves in front of the Eiffel Tower with our big cheesy grins on our face, thinking "This is the life!"

Ahh, the military spouse. Moving again, are you? Packing up all your precious belonging to be shipped overseas at the risk of being broken, chipped or cracked or even LOST by those oh-so-careful packers that handle all your things as if they are your own.

Saying goodbye to yet another group of friends that you have become close to, another great set of playmates that your children are attached to, another neighbor that you considered a sister because she cried on your shoulder every time her husband boarded a plane to Iraq, as did you the same on hers.

Time to take little Tommy and Sarah out of school in the middle of the school year and watch them cry they're little hearts out as they say goodbye to the teachers and BFF's they made over the last three years.

Time to say goodbye to another job.

Time to say goodbye to that home you purchased, hoping to build your family memories in.

Isn't it great, Mrs. Military spouse, that you get to fly to another country and set up a new lifestyle for you and your family in an unfamiliar place. Be the new people in town, make friends all over again. Then, after just a few months of being in your new spot, it's time for you to be strong and grow a backbone, because you, honey, are about to become a single mom again!Hubby is about to deploy. Your family is miles away and you are on your own. With. the. kids.

Ahhhh, the Fabulous Life. Here is where it really comes in. Doing it all on your own with little to no help. You've only been there a few months and all your close friends and family were left back in the States.

So as you walk around struggling to balance your children, new job, household and the emotional stresses of Hubby's being away in a wars zone, keep your head up high. Walk proud with that $500 dollar knockoff Coach Bag, your sweetie brought you from his hardship tour to Korea, just two year ago. Even if it is filled with nothing but coupons!

Ahhhh the Fabulous Life of a Military Spouse!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Hilarious Video

Okay, so Saturday Night Live and Tina Fey have done it again!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Tell IT Like It T-I-Z Tuesday

Okay, so I know it's Thursday. I was originally dedicating this new weekly post for Tuesdays because Tell It Like T-I-Z Tuesday just sounds better than Tell it Like It Is Thursday for some reason, but I missed writing anything on that day. Well then I got this text message yesterday and I just couldn't wait until NEXT Tuesday to comment about it, so here it is!

I present you with the first


(just on Thursday this week)

I received a text message from my best friend yesterday that has obviously been circulating around the cell world. It said:

DO NOT wear any Obama shirts, pins or hats to the polls on Nov. 4th. It's considered campaigning; a law they're counting on us not to be aware of and turn u away.

By us, I'm assuming they mean the Democrats. So just like my inquisitive self that has to research everything I hear before I forwarding it on, I went to the Internet to do a little surfing for the truth.

The truth of the matter is that this is a law that varies by state and even by county. The laws state that you can not campaign within 500 ft (or whatever is may be in your area) of the polls. It is said that this gives an unfair advantage to the candidates. That's why, when you go to the polls, you see the candidate supporting signs away from the buildings, not right in front.
T-Shirts, buttons, hats, stickers or whatever may have a candidates names on them are considered to be campaigning.

Not that I was planning on wearing a shirt declaring my pick for presidenct to the polls (although I have considered buying one), but I guess my question is, if it is considered unconstitutional to stop people from wearing their pants hanging down to their knees, why is is not unconstitutional to say what people can wear to the polls?

Do people really get in there and change their minds because "Oh, there's Sally Lou. And she has on a McCain (or Obama) shirt. I think I'm just gonna change my mind and vote for....." In a way that seems a little crazy to me. Is there something wrong with being proud of who you support? If you love someone, should it be a secret? Why should this be any different?

Or are they afraid that the person wearing these shirts could be harassed by members of the other party? Approached and paid off or scared off before they had they're chance to vote? Is it also for your own safety?

Now like I said, personally I won't be wearing my supporting shirt to the polls. The law is the law and I respect that and set examples for my children to do the same, but I will PROUDLY let anyone who wants to know who I support in this election.

So I don't know about all of you, but I'm not going to take a chance at wearing a silly shirt, a small symbol of my patriotism, to the polls, only to take the risk of being turned away. So whether you are on the REDS or the BLUES, it's more important to cast your ballot! And I don't know about you, but I refuse to give up my chance to let my voice be heard in one of the most important elections in out nations history!

And that's just how I see it!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Writer's Workshop: 10 things I believe in

Mama Kat's done it again! I think I talk about her more often than I talk about myself on this blog. She is Just That Wonderful! For the rest of her prompts and to join in on this week's assignment click here. Well this week prompt that I took from her workshop is:

10 things I believe in

1. God - my biggest belief

2. The power of prayer - Honestly, I never knew the power was so strong until my dad's brain surgery back in February. That's when I became a true believer.

3. My children - I believe in them and the things that they can accomplish. I believe in giving them the ability to be kids and dream big dreams. I believe in giving them all of the necessities in life to be what ever they choose to be in the future.

4. My Husband - I believe that he will always do his very best to take care of us. I believe that he will always do what's best for his family. I believe he loves me because nobody else could put up with my mess!

5. Family - When times are hard and no one else can be there for you, your family will be there, with open arms.

6. Discipline - Children have to have a structured lifestyle. I believe that without a certain amount of discipline, a certain amount of strictness (is that a word?) from their parents, it will be hard to succeed in life.

7. Spanking (agree with Mrs. D) - I'm sorry to those that don't agree, but a spanking, not a beating (there is a difference), is a much needed attitude adjuster when the little ones are out of control or have done something they know that shouldn't have done. A smack on the behind is not child abuse.

8. Miracles - I believe anything can happen. Anything is possible.

9. Ghosts - Hubs and I disagree on this one. I believe that there are ghosts or spirits out there that watch us. I believe in Sylvia Brown! She says it so it has to be true!

10. Pawning my children off on someone else every now and then just to get a little SANITY!

Shallow Competitive Democrat, Yes that's ME!

Okay, so I spent the morning blog-hopping checking out a few new blogs from other people's pages. I saw a few that I found pretty interesting. But there was one in particular that I remember stopping at that I was going to add to my blog role, but went against it. Do you wanna know what my very shallow reason was?

There was a McCain/Palin button on her page!

Yeah okay, I'm not saying that everyone who I read has to think the way that I do. NOT AT ALL! I know plenty of the bloggers that I currently support and love have different political views than I do. I know that some of Diva Ma's Most FABULOUS may not support the same folks that I support in this election. THAT'S FINE! But I suddenly got this competitive rave flow through my blood when I saw that button and COULD NOT ADD HER!

So after the election, fellow-blogger-with -the-republican-button, I will surely add you. It's nothing against you personally, but I think that it's just that my heart is so set on the DEM's winning this thing! And this IS a competition! Like the Hoover Vacuum Giveaway, Winning is EVERYTHING!

Hoover Vacuum Cleaner Giveaway!

Not me of course. I can't give it away. I'm not ballin' like that!
But if you go over to

you could be a proud owner of a brand new vacuum cleaner provided by Hoover themselves.

Only one lucky winner is going to win and sorry guys! That's going to be me, but go on over there anyway and enter to win. Give me a little competition. But don't get too excited! That baby is MINE!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Got my Motivation!

Okay, so I think I found my motivation for this whole weight loss thing. I'm fat. Yep I said it. I have the giggles everywhere imaginable. As I sit here at the computer sometimes, I tend to shake my leg. Well, while I'm shaking, it feels like I'm sitting in one of those vibrating massage chairs you see in the mall where you put in $1.50 in quarters for a 3 minute ride. Yep, that's what it feels like. And when I stop shaking my leg, it takes a few seconds for the giggling to go away!

Okay, so that's not my motivation. Obviously that was not enough. And Miss Missy's comment about me looking like I had a baby in my stomach when I was laying on the bed one night, nope that wasn't enough either.

AND the fact that NONE of my jeans seem to fit anymore and after squeezing into them anyway, I find myself having to either suffer a stomach ache or keep that top button undone, especially if I decide to eat so much as a saltine, yeah, that wasn't enough motivation either!

And it wasn't enough that I now have to actually move my stomach out of the way so that I can see when I'm trying to shave my bikini line. Uh uuhh!

Well, my motivation is that all my friends seem to be motivated enough to workout. They stick to some kind of SOMETHING where they are finding themselves become smaller and smaller. They are getting into their old clothes again and having to go shopping for new ones. They are shedding pounds and talking about how they are cutting back on eating and how great it is to have lost 3 or 4 pounds this week and BLAH BLAH BLAH!!!

Yeah I get to hear about how many sizes they've lost and oh, the agony of having to buy new clothes. How they are now able to zip up a fabulous size (lower than what I wear, of course) and how they are so close to they're target weight!


So, I'm sitting here, with my pleasantly plump self, enjoying yet another brownie,
telling each and every one of them that what they are doing is great and that they need do stay motivated and KEEP IT UP! And (while it is so true) that I am happy for them and excited that they are all doing so well (And that I'm officially that fat girl outta all my friends)...... And oh yeah, I'll start tomorrow!

Yesterday, TOMORROW finally came. Yesterday I had my epiphany that the only way to lose anything was to put down those extra delicious chocolate goodness brown squares and pick up a workout DVD. Not just for one or two days like my committed days before. Oh NO! I mean I really REALLY want this now because all those dedicated chicks are leaving me and my brownies in their dust!

So why am I still sitting here talking to you guys??? My treadmill is calling me!

Tell It Like It T.I.S. Tuesday

I decided to use one day out of the week, just one, to voice my opinion. This is the day where I'm just going to tell it like it is, ya'll. Now I don't know what I will have to talk about every Tuesday or what subjects I will be approaching. But you can best be sure that I will put in my two since and let all my readers know just the way that I see it. I may talk about anything from politics to celebrity gossip to something fellow blogger had to say. You may not like or agree some of the things that say, but hopefully it won't keep you from coming back. I love my y'all and I value your opinion, so feel free to leave comments. I love them!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Costume time again!

Halloween is just around the corner. Can you believe that? I mean it seems we just put the kids on the bus and sent them off on their first day of school, just had our last summer barbecue, and now, costumes and terrifying decorations are all over our favorite shopping centers.

In case you don't know Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. For me, it trumps Christmas big time! Watching the terrified little kiddies run and scream when Dracula or Jason comes out of nowhere while their trying to get a few pieces of candy, sending them running back to the streets, candy flying everywhere... HA!

Now that's entertainment!

Even with my own kids terrified of my neighbors dressed as the guy from the Chain Saw Massacre and chasing kids with the chain saw blaring, I was outside bubbling over in laughter as my own children cowered inside the house probably under their beds in tears.

About a month ago I sent my kids to the computer to surf the net and let me know what they want to be. Miss Missy has her little heart set on being a witch this year. But not just any witch. No, no, no. A nice witch. No scary ugly-faced witch for Miss Missy. She chose something along these lines. Last year she was a fairy princess, complete with wings and a sparkling tiara. It was some time last year that she lost all of her tom-boy tendencies and became all princess, all the time.

Haven't decided whether to buy it this year, or make one. I think either way the price is going to be about the same as I found that sewing really isn't all that much cheaper than the store made stuff.

Now the boys are both looking to be Star Wars characters again this year. Last year they were Obi Won and Darth Vader. I think Sir Talks-A-Lot is hoping to be Yoda and Runnin' Man is still kinda undecided. I'm thinking that perhaps I can talk him into being a zombie football player since he already has the pads and helmet from football season.

I absolutely can't wait for this day to come. I might even dress up this year and bring out my kiddie side (not that it's ever hidden too deep).

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bad Mommy

I spent part of the day cleaning today and much of it on the phone catching up with family members that I haven't talked to in a while. Miss Missy is so great. She pretty much occupied herself today playing dress up and giving her babies a bath in the sink. Whatever makes her happy!

Miss Missy has been hinting around A LOT about:

Oh how I wishes that I had a sister to play with.


Oh Mommy, I don't have anybody to play with.


Oh Mommy, I don't have anybody to sleep with me. Runnin' Man and Sir Talks-A-Lot sleep together and you and daddy sleep together, but I don't have nobody to sleep with.

Now that last one usually comes in right at bed time when Mr. Sandman should be sprinkling his sleepy dust and angels should be singing her to sleep, but instead tears are welling in her eyes while she's longing for a sleeping companion........ and a few more minutes of awake time.

Now everyone collectively say AWWWWWW!

Meanwhile, I'm tossing her one of the thousands of teddy bears from her pet net and saying, "Not gonna happen sweetie!"


SO, we're folding some laundry in the boys' room this morning and she's so happy to be helping mom.

Oh, isn't it just great when they're young and doing household chores brings a smile to their faces and they'll do anything to please you? Yeah, that goes away at about 7.

Well, she is bantering on and on about how she is doing such a great job helping with the boys clothes and how they never keep they're room clean, and us girls always do things so much better. Then I hear:

"Right, mom?" Not really listening to what she is saying because she has talked non-stop for 30 minutes.

"Right," I say.

"Girls are awesome, right mom?"

Right, Girls are SO awesome,"

"And Boys SUCK!"

I know I shouldn't have, but I couldn't help laughing uncontrollably at the horrible thing that came out of her mouth. It is undoubtedly a word that she has heard me use a many times before.


Just another shining example of why I need to censor my language more.

Oh and for those wondering, As of Tuesday, I was able to vacuum my floor again Whoo, Thanks Hubs! ;-)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Finger lickin' chicken and vacuum fights

Oh Gosh! I just had some of the bestest, most awesome-est Fried Chicken I think I have ever had!
Shut up! I said I was cutting back, not giving it up.

And Guess who made it. ME! Yep. I fried 'em. And I'm not just saying that it was De-friggin'-lish because it came outta my kitchen. Nope! It really was. Wish you coulda tasted it. I took some frozen wings outta my freezer that I had marinated weeks ago, intending to broil them, but all that talk about fried chicken on yesterday's blog had me craving a little bit. So, I fried these bad boys. And if that wine didn't have those wings more slammin' than I had ever made them! Whoo whoo WHOO! I was full before I finished cookin'!


Okay, So Hubs and I got into a little spat yesterday over the vacuum cleaner. Something really really dumb. Because the vacuum was clogged and I asked him to fix it, he took the opportunity to give me a class on how to keep this from happening again.

My thoughts: I don't need a friggin' tutorial on Vacuum Filters 101. Just fix it!

So anyway, this is how it ended:

So YOU fix it then!

Vacuum left in the middle of the floor, right in front of the door.

So am I suppose to pick this up? I think not! Yes, I don't mind taking care of the repairs. I did it all the time while he was in Korea for a year. But I'm not about to let him disrespect me by treating me like I'm some kind of maid or trained dog. Uhh uhhhh! So, I have a feeling that I'll be posting about this, with this same picture, for the rest of the week. We'll see.

By the way, my digital camera is one megabite away from the grave. I couldn't be more sad. There's all this noise going on with it and the lens only comes out sometimes. If any of you wonderful readers have an extra camera just lying around somewhere or even if you'd like to donate a camera to the cause LET ME KNOW!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Lions and Tigers and Gas Prices! OH MY!

Okay, so I haven't left the house today yet, but gas is undoubtedly over $5.00 a gallon this morning. I came home last night with 19 miles to empty. This means that I won't be going anywhere until there is some relief at the pump. I watched as the price of gas went up a whole $.50 at one time around lunch time yesterday. I could cry. But what's the point?

With both boys in football, on different teams and practicing at different places, what a mom to do whilst driving a high gas mileage SUV?

Any suggestion?

Friday, September 12, 2008

I can't dance!

Good Morning! You know, exercise really does make your day go better. I did it. I got my butt up and worked out (if only for about 20 minutes) to The Firm Dance, given to me by my neighbor after a few complaints of being lazy. Well, this morning, the skinny b*itch looked extra skinny and I have to commend her because she stays faithful to working out as many times a week as she can.

Well she gives me this Dance DVD. Well, mind you, I have no rhythm. Nope can't dance. I don't care what color my skin is. All black people do not have rhythm!

So, I'm sitting here cracking up, trying to keep up with what so considers "the easy video". She was gonna give me another one, but she thought I should start with the once that was easy. HA!

The whole time I'm laughing my butt off, and if you could lose weight by laughing at yourself then I'd would lost at least ten pounds. I started off real good. I think by the time the chick on the video added the 5th step into her aerobics routine, I was all off beat and couldn't keep up. I'm all over the place. She kept switching right from one move to another, making a repetative routine as she went, just adding a new move in everytime.

Did I tell you that my memory is bad as well?

So she's going left, I'm going right.

She's going up. I'm going down.

She's doing some back curls and I'm still sliding to the left.

Don't ever ask me to join a dance group.

So when the chick decided to switch to the Latin routine, I fell on the floor. Always wanted to learn to salsa, but no rhythm, remember? Yeah, that was a sight. You kinda have to be able to keep a beat to dance.

Maybe I should try one of those walking workout videos. I can walk.


Okay, I hung out with some friends yesterday for a birthday party. So I get the the place where the surprise party is supposed to be held and I, of course, am late. So I'm rushing. Apparently the building is having two events at the same time.

Well I get to the door and the ushers there are telling me "Go ahead downstairs. Don't rush. It's okay." Well, as I'm about to start walking down, there's a group of black folk walking up.

So I turn back to the receptionist and and say "Is this where the birthday party is?"

She looks a little confused for a sec then says, "Sure sweety, go on down."

Another black couple comes up.

"Turn to her again." "The Dawson party?"

"You mean the surprise party?"


"Ohhh!" She says and directs me down another hallway.

Walking into the room full of people I was partying with, I was tickled by this event at the door. Why you ask? The room was filled with Caucasians, of course. The group down stairs was full of black people. I just thought is was hilarious that they all assumed that I'd be attending the event with the folks downstairs.

Don't know why. Hmmmmmmm. LOL!

So here are a few of stereotypes I wanna clarify:

* All Black people can dance. -- Uhhh NO! I prove that one wrong all the time. Those white chicks last night really showed me up when that DJ played the CHA CHA SLIDE!

* All Black people eat fried chicken. -- Personally I haven't met one yet who doesn't. I'm cutting back, though........ kinda. I got to the buffet last night and said "What! No Chicken???" Just Kidding.

* All Black people throw our kids out at 18. - - That one came from my neighbor, who asked me if that was true. Heck NO! My uncles are 45 and 50 something and still live with my grandma!

* All black men, well you know..... Okay, I know this to surely not be true from my younger years! So don't believe the hype!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

September 11th - Remembering....

September 11th.

As all of you, I remember where I was on that horrific morning 7 years ago. I was sleeping in late that day, pregnancy was not agreeing with me one bit. I remember that I was going through this major depression, unhappily pregnant, unhappily married, just miserable. So I didn't want to get out of bed that morning, but I did. Went into the living room and turned on the TV.

As I sat on the couch. I remember wondering why was this movie on my TV instead of Divorce Court, which at that time I was watching faithfully (probably due to my marital situation). Surely, I hadn't left the TV on one of my premium HBO or Showtime channels. Nor had I ever seem this movie before. I changed the channel and it was there too.

One of the Twin Towers (which I really knew nothing about at that time being from the south and all) was burning. The Today's Show commentators were sounding solemn and nervous. I watched for a few minutes, thinking what in the world could have happened to that plane to cause it to crash into a building? Then came the second one.

Oh my God! I sat on that couch with my mouth wide open in disbelief thinking, "What the hell is going on?" The voices on the TV were fractic and I picked up the phone to call Hubs, who of course didn't answer the phone, usually unable to get reception from his office at work. So I sat there, alone and afraid and a little thankful that my 1 yrs. old slept soundly in his bed.

I watched as the flames burned the people started jumping. Then the first building went down, I started to cry.

Today, and every year to the date since, I think back to those events. I always say a little prayer for those people that were in those buildings and their families and those that fought to saved them, many losing their lives. I say a prayer for those who have lost their lives since because of those terrorist attacks, and those still losing their lives even today. That tragic day. September 11th 2001 changed our world forever and for every year on this day forever more I will remember.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Writer's Workshop Wednesday

Mama Kat's Assignment for this week was as follows:

Here are your prompts:
1.) Write about a brief, but scary encounter with one of your old professors or teachers.
2.) If I had the power to change something I would change...
3.) You are 20 years in the future, write a letter to your today's self.

I chose #3:

Dear Kay,

Girl, you think you're hot at 30, wait until you get to be 50 twenty years from now. Girl we are stunning and life is glorious! 50 is the new 30, child and we are workin' it!

Diva, after you got that Hip Hop Abs DVD you've been wanting, you got your but up and worked off those extra pounds you been complaining about. And, Honey, we are HAUTE!

I know things ain't all that easy right now Our finances aren't where we want them to be, but that is neither your fault or Hubs' fault really. It's that darn economy your are in right now. You and Hubs need to work on getting a good savings together. Life doesn't get any easier and you have to be prepared for whatever it throws at you to survive.

Wow! I know you're thrilled that Bush is finally getting out of office. It's gonna take a good President to get the US outta this mess. And I'm not gonna tell you who wins this one. You'll find out soon enough.

Girl, you have got to see these handsome boys you have raised. They have grown into some great young men. And Kennedy, still just a pretty as she was at three and Miss Thang is being the normal little young woman, is in college and handling her business. They are all just as great as you raised them to be.

Honey, that dream you have of having that degree in business administration is in your grasp. On the day you got it you were so happy and proud. Go ahead now, don't wait, and sign up for those classes. It is surely going to be worth it. And that career in Real Estate you want to go after in a few years when the kids are older? Hey, I'm having so much fun doing it. Don't let those dreams die. Don't let anyone steal 'em.

Your next twenty year ain't gone be easy, by far, but you are going to have a lot of joy getting here! You're on the right path, Diva. Make it all happen!

Love ya!
50 Year old YOU!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The things they say......

Runnin' Man

Okay, so Runnin' Man is in a gifted program. He is bussed to another school to do all these extra things and he loves it. The only thing is, I sometimes wonder if he belongs.......

While the kids were outside waiting for the bus this morning, I hear them talking about football, and then how the ball was kicked over the fence at school. Knowing that Runnin' Man takes his football to school everyday to play with it at recess, I jump in there little conversation and ask what happen.

Well apparently, they were playing with the ball and someone kicked it over the fence.

Me: Did you get it back?

Runnin' Man: No, we can't go over the fence.

Me: Well I understand that, of course, but did you ask a teacher to get it.

Runnin' Man, with the silliest look on his face: Awwww, I didn't think of that!

Okay, so this is the mind of a gifted child? I thought they were supposed to think outside the box? Apparently his little mind says that he should just wait until someone throws it back over the fence and it'll be there tomorrow. WOW! My child's a real genius!

Sir Talks-A-Lot

Me: Sir Talks-A-Lot, do you ever stop talking? I mean, really?

Sir Talks-A-Lot, without even the slightest hesitation and in his best "homeboy" voice: Nope! I love talkin'. It's my thing, Yo!

This sends hubs into a hysterical laugh. I didn't find it that darn funny.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Obscene Pics by a 3rd grader?

Okay, so my computer is feeling better today. At least for the time being, the virus has subsided. I have so many things that I can talk about, but really no time to do it. Got some PTO thing that I have to attend. A PTO VP's job is never done. *sigh*

Okay, so the bus driver wanted to talk to me this morning about Little Big Mouth. Not one of my kids, but since he's always catching the bus with my kids I guess he thought he was one of mine.

Well. Well, well, WELL!

He say: Did they tell you about Little Big Mouth on Friday?

Me: Yeah, they told me he and another child was cussing at each other.

This, mind you, was disturbing enough to me because as I said, my kids just stopped thinking STUPID was a bad word.

Mr. Bus Driver: No. Not that. He drew some bad things on paper and gave it to a girl on the bus. Nasty things. Obscene.

I gasp. Little big mouth is my son's best friend. I can't stand the influence.

Mr. Bus Driver: Yeah, (and he holds up a paper he has in his hand with some drawings on it that I couldn't make out. ) So don't be surprised if you get a call today.

Me: No, I'm not his mom.

He laughs. I thought he was.

Guess he thought all those little rug rats were mine since I'm one of the few moms black moms, actually) that stand outside with their children in the morning in our area.

Mr. Bus Driver: Well the pictures were VERY obscene and he'll probably be suspended.

Me: I'll let his mom know.

Wow, a 3rd grader drawing pictures that made the 60 something year old bus driver blush! What am I to do about the influence on my own young impressionable children?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Closed due to virus!

Okay, guys! My wondeful readers! I'm having a bout with a computer virus and I probably really should not be on right now, but I'm soooo addicted and I need a quick fix despite they spreading virus. Blogger Just keeps calling me. Kay? Kay??? Come back!

But If I can't check in for a while, bare with me! I'll check in to you guy's wonderful blog as soon as my computer feels better. And hopefully you won't forget about me!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Writer's Workshop Wednesday

Sorry guys. My Wednesday Assignment is soooo LATE, but maybe Miss Kathy will only dock me for a few points. My computer has a Virus and I'm working despite that right now. *shhh. Don't tell Hubs!***

Letter to my 10 year old self:

Dear Kay,
Looky here Miss Thang! Life ain't all thrills and fancies, okay. So enjoy it while you can! Stop secretly being jealous of your best friend, Shay just because she has developed her boobs and you haven't! Sure she has about a C-cup already and you're not even wearing a training bra yet, and sure all the boys flock to her because of her boobs, but believe me! Yours will come in soon enough. And they'll keep coming! And when you're in your twenties, you'll be thinkin' about getting a reduction because there just aren't any cute bra and pantie sets in your size! Besides, guys will notice you too one day. Maybe not for a few more years, but they will look your way in middle school. It just won't matter because your dad is gonna have you so scare to talk to boys that you won't have your first one until 10th grade anyway! So go study something! That's where your head should be anyway!

Enjoy it now!

And Please get over that whole, Julius Battle thing! You're in the 5th grade. He's in 8th grade. The boy doesn't even know you're alive, other than when you and Shay walk by the high school, gigglin' and snickerin' like a couple of school girls (which... you... are, right? My bad! What's "My Bad" mean, you ask? Oh, you'll get with that saying somewhere in the '90's)

And please..... try to start getting to school on time. At least one day a week. Waving at all the kids in class staring out the window 30 minutes after class has already started every day is ridiculous! You are your mother's child, I know. Being on time is just not in your genes I guess, but you have no idea how that is surely gonna carry over to your adult years! Not A GOOD Thing!

Oh, and last thing. Next year, when you are 11 and you get the chicken pox, don't let your dad, the very smart medic in the family, (HA!) pull the scabs off your face just so that he can take you out and people won't see that you have chicken pox. The scars will remain there FOREVER!!!!!!!

The 30yr old YOU!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Actually Laboring on Labor Day

Another Supermom Badge earned!

Okay, so my three day weekend didn't go quite as planned. MY HUSBAND was supposed to barbecue this weekend. Him on the grill, me in the kitchen. That's the way it normally goes. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to go! That's just the proper way to do things. Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate to be in the sun. Don't do outdoors unless the sun is down, or somebody makes me, and even then I'm whining like a 3year old the whole way.

Well guess what. Mr. Soldier Man gets called in on Saturday to do 12 hour shifts this weekend. So what the heck and I gonna do with these darn ribs??

My first thought was to take him up on his offer and wait until he got home and let him barbecue. You know, after he'd been working from 6am to 6pm or later. A bit extreme, I know. But I really wanted that barbecue and yes, being a little selfish and was worth the taste of char-grilled pork chops!

So imagine this if you will (you really don't have to imagine, I took pictures. Hee hee), me on the grill, outside in the elements making it happen!

Yeah I did it! And it's something to be proud of. Hubs really wanted those ribs and I made it happen, on the grill, in the sun! And you know what? I looked FABULOUS doing it!

Now someone send me one of those Kiss the Cook aprons and I'll be officially known as the Grill Master!

Blog Trip Day 2 - How's the gas there?

So you wanna know how much gas is in my area huh? Ready to fill up the tank? Well your guess on this would be as good as mine if it weren't for the internet. I haven't gotten out much lately and wasn't sure what the gas prices are here in Grooveytown. But I found it!


Glad to see it to, though it is truely a shame when this becomes a bargain! Okay, well, as I said I save gas simply by not going out as much. Doing all my outtings, other than my PTO runs, once a week. Then I can stay home and get my kicks reading you guy's blogs! Good deal right? But when you have to fill up a 1998 Navigator, you'd stay at home too. 10 year old! Older cars drink more gas.

Of Course I could save more gas if I was driving the Hub's car. But after seeing the inside of the mommy mobile, he's not hearing it!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Labor Day! A Meme for the occasion!

A great Meme by Shanon @ Rocks in My Dryer.

In honor of Labor Day, it's about...well, labor. And not the kind you get a day off for, either.

How long were your labors?
36, 24, 12 Yes that's hours. Lost 12 hours for each kid I popped out. See why I could have another one?

How did you know you were in labor?
Does the word "OWWW" mean anything to you? And how dare those doctors send me home to suffer for 24 hours in my first pregnancy! The other 2 were induced.

Where did you deliver?
In a hospital with all of the other sane pregnant people, where my sheets wouldn't get messed up or goo wasn't gonna be left in my tub!


Uhhh, Hell Yeah! There's a reason God gave man the ability to make epidurals. He didn't want to hear all the obscenities thrown at the poor man! I haven't put my finger on what is going through the minds of those women who want to go natural. Bewilders me.

No, But I remember hearing the doctor say those words with both the boys. They just didn't wanna come out!

Who delivered?
All different doctors. When you're in the military, you rarely get the chance to see the same doctor throughout your pregnancy, much less have the same one deliver all of your children. At the time of delivery, I really didn't care if my baby brother was down there ready to catch! I just wanted them OUT!

About Diva Ma ... In a nutshell.

I have managed to master that Mommy Stare. You know the one that your mama gave you that made you do a complete 180 in whatever it was that you were doing? Whether it's the much needed attitude adjustment or that "stop playing in this store right now" moment, with that stare, you knew you'd better get right.... right then and there.

Well, I'm a 30 year old mom and yes I take pride in that stare. I love my 3 children to death, but I take pride in the fact that they are scared of me sometimes. Why? Because mama is crazy! They know it and they'd better adhere to it. LOL. Because mama can't handle no bad children!

I'm an Army spouse. A stay at home mom. Have been for a few years. Tried my hand at the outside job life, but it didn't work for me, for our family. If you've ever been in the military world, you'd know why it's a little difficult. So I chose to stay at home and raise my little munchkins for a little while, at least until I can figure out what I wanna be when I grow up.

Our Home

We live in in a little town near a Army base. Really little. But luckily the Big City is close by and yes, I can get to a mall in about 15 minutes. (Great when I need a shopping fix) I love my area. If you have no idea where that is, just know that I'm a Georgia Peach!

I love this blogging thing. It's given me a much needed outlet. Quite often I'd rather stay home and read you guy's blogs than do out to lunch with friends. Sad I know, but I'm a reader and this gives me that chance to read again that I seemed to lost in mommyhood. I'll keep bloggin' these real life mom stories if you guys keep doing the same!

We stopped at Wendy's during this Blog Trip

Boy did this Blog Trip tire them out!