Saturday, August 30, 2008

Going on a Blog Trip! Come on!

I'm going on a Blog trip!

With Maire @ These are the details written by her:

Here’s the basics …
You are invited to …
WHAT: Mommy Community’s 5th Birthday
WHERE: Online (most details can be found in that link - so click it!)
WHEN: Sept 1-5, 2008
WHY: Too wrap up the Summer and also to get a chance to visit other places without having to leave your own home. Meet other mom bloggers and just have fun!
So … in the next few days, I will start posting stuff about the blog trip here in my personal blog. I am soooo excited and I hope our paths cross during this trip. I hope to stop by your blog so you can give me a tour of your city - I will do the same for you if you stop by my blog during the Blog Trip - I’ll take you around my city and make sure you have a great time!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Wow, What a change!

I'm taking a route I probably wouldn't normally take today and I'm going to blog about that ever so sensitive subject. Politics. Now, I don't want to get deep into it, but as a young woman who has only within the last 4 year has taken an interest in the political world, I do want to touch on the subject. All of you out there have different opinions. Some may agree with my own, some may not. But for me, that's the beauty of our country. We don't have to always agree.

The other night, I watched the Democratic Convention, the first night where Hillary delivered a breath taking speech about President electee, Barack Obama. I have to say that I was disappointed that he didn't choose Hillary as his running mate because I felt the two would have made a great team. She spoke eloquently and positively about Obama and his ability to run our country and address the changes that are needed to get the US back on track.

On last night, Sen. Barack Obama formally excepted his position as VP electee, a proud moment in history, as this was the first time a black man has been nominated to be the President of the United States. A proud moment as it was also the 30th Anniversay of the "I Have A Dream" speech delivered by none other than the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. A sign that there has been great growth within our country and we have surely come along way.

On today, McCain announced that his running mate is, get this, A WOMAN! Imagine that.

For me, this is extremely exciting. The possibilities that a Black man could become President or a woman ,a mom like myself, could become VP shows great change in our world. I, for one, am proud of what our country is accomplishing and today I can say that I am proud to be an American.

All comments and opinion are welcome. Let's talk.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Favorite Toy

Okay, this wasn't necessarily my favorite toy, but it was certainly one that I had to write about after reading about Mama Kat's Cabbage Patch Kid on Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

So I simply couldn't resist telling all about Henrietta. We, I had to be in about the 1st grade when Henrietta came to live with us. I remember wanting a Cabbage Patch because they were all over the TV and every little girl had one. I think I must have gotten her for Christmas because, like Kat, I didn't toys outside of special occasions either. When I got her, I remember thinking that she really wasn't the one that I wanted. She really didn't look anything like me, i.e red hair and freckles. EVERYONE had to know she was adopted, but hey, she grew on me. I wanted a little more like me with dark hair, but more than anything, I wanted a Corn-silk Head Cabbage. You know you MEMBER! The ones with the soft hair you could brush? I remember Trying to brush the yarn on Henrietta's head. Nah Uhh. Not the same.

Soon, maybe next Christmas, she was joined my the twins, Lisa and Jimmy. or maybe it was Michael, don't remember. They looked just like the picture. Yellow velvet outfits and all.

Henrietta was still the fave. She was the oldest. I don't really remember what happened to the twins, but Henrietta was ripped to shreds by Cocoa, my first dog, many years later. RIP Henrietta! No Pun intended there.

My first AWARD. WHOA!

Whoo HOOOOO! My very first blog award! I'd like thank my mom and dad for giving me life *sniff sniff* and most of all I'd like to thank GOD! LOL. But really, my very first award came from Tara @ Living a Dream who in turn has a wonderful blog herself.
I'm gonna turn this Kick Ass Award over to a few bloggers I think deserve this award..... almost as much as I do. (hee hee)
Mommy Cracked @ Mommy Cracked
and of course:
Take time to check out these girls' blogs and leave them a congrats! I'm telling you, they're GOOOOD!

I wish I could.........

There are so many things that I wish I could do.

I wish I could fly from one place to the next, particularly since I'm suffering with these gas prices and I own a ten year old Navigator. The only thing is that they would surely find a way to tax that too. Make me pay for the wind beneath my wings or something.

I wish I could finally get off my butt and get some energy to really work out and that after only a 10 minute workout I would be down to my ideal weight and be able to prance around in an Itty Bitty Teeny Weeny, you know? One workout. Or better yet, I wish I could eat all I want and never change in appearance. How about that?!?!

I wish I could have it all. The ability to be a stay at home mom and a career woman. But it seems that the only way that could happen is if I worked my business at night while ...the kids... are sleeping..... hmmm. Do prostitute moms have it made or what! Highly adored stay at home mom by day, avid dedicated business women making her own money, making many people HAPPY by night....... Hmmm.

Most of all, I wish I could shield my children from all pain and hurt in their future. The thought of anything happening to them, anyone hurting them or any pain coming their way makes me cringe and I certainly wish I could shield them from it all.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Mommy Perfection By My Own Standards

I never really started off aiming to be a mom. I had so many other ideas for life that motherhood seemed that it would have just gotten in the way. For me, it was dreams of an Airforce career, being independent, taking care of myself. Wow, long way off from where I stand today. Today I'm a mother of three, wife to an Army soldier and a, get this, STAY AT HOME MOM!

Big changes from the dreams of a kid, never experiencing anything. Only thinking of my own happiness. Not knowing about the monkey wrench that would be thrown into my life plans.

Becoming a mom at 20 surely wasn't on that "Things to do before I turn 25" list. But it happened. I was young, married and away from home for the first time. As a matter of fact, I was as far away from home as a young person could get as I follow my new husband off to Germany, still thinking how kids were going to be far off in the future somewhere.

But my little dumpling and other plans, and when he made his debut to the world a few months after our first annerversary and a few days before the turn of the Millenium, he change my whole perception on life. Imagine my surprise when I fell in love with someone other than myself. I wanted to be that perfect mom for him, doing everything right and by the book. Breastfeeding, reading all these "First Year" books, and playing classical music and educational videos to stimulate his little mind. I made it a point to always listen to his doctor on when to do this and how to do that. I took much of mom's advice as well, but thought, she couldn't possibly have more knowledge than an MD. on what was best for my little dumpling, 3 kids or not.

Everything sterilized, no cereal before 6 months, and never ever could he sleep on his stomach.

Funny how things change. When babies number two and three came along, the love was no different. But mommy was. Some things just didn't seem that pressing. Bottles didn't have to be sterilized for 5.5 minutes, passies did sometimes return back into baby's mouth after falling on the floor without being washed, the expensive diapers somehow didn't seem to hold leaks better, the baby did sometimes sleep on his or her stomach because the baby slept better (and, in turn, so did mommy), and no the baby was not required to have a t-shirt under his or her clothes and a pair of socks on at all times.

I realized that no matter how perfect of a mother I wanted to be, there just wasn't any one out there who is can be absolutely perfect. Though I still strive to be a fabulous mom to my kids, I do fabulous in my own way. I don't spoil them with toys, I don't let them go to every event they want to go to, I don't let them say what ever they please as a way to give them freedom of expression.

Eight years into this motherhood thing, I still stive to be a great mom, doing PTO, chaperoning field trips, running children around from one after-school activity to another, yes, but most importantly, I strive to keep my kids well round and respectful, I teach them responsibilty and values. Being a perfect mom doesn't mean you have to be a June Cleaver, it simply means that you be the best mom you can be for the ones you love the most.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Puke Fest

Okay, Before we get to the title subject, I'd like to blog a late happy birthday to the Hubs whose birthday was on Friday. I'd taken a short break from blogging that day so I didn't get a chance to let the Blog World know that it was Hub's birthday! As a matter of fact, I took a break from the world that day. You'da thought it was my birthday. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I when I say nothing..... I mean nothing. All.... day. Until later that night.

So for my laziness, here is my online birthday wish to my beloved Hubs:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birhtday to you!

And a Birthday Video:

Okay, I'mma cut it short because he doesn't read this yet anyway.

But it was also my moms birthday. She turned 35..... again. Funny how she and Hubs are now the same age. But yes, she's a bit delusional. I remember her being 29 for about 10 years and then right before she remarried she decided to take it up to 35. So Happy 35th, MOM! You've only got me by 5 years now. Seems I'm catching up!


Wow, Saturday seemed to be another one of those lazy days. It had to be the rain, which came from Faye, that tropical storm, which was thought to come our way but never made it. The chick decided to make some turns and twists and, anyway, we got a little rain, but not half as much as those weather people said.

Man, if I had their job! They never have to be right. What other job can you have where you can tell thousands of people wrong information and still keep your job??

So the day was gloomy. Well, Runnin' Man got up from eating breakfast and before he made it down the hall, prodeeded to puke in his hands and on the floor. The majority of it did get in the toilet, though, thank goodness. But after a few more trips to the tiolet to RALPH, he was fine. Funny how that works.

But then here's the funny part. After sitting the kids down for a snack of some freshly baked homemade Betty Crocker cookies, Miss Missy takes one bite and prutudes everything she'd eaten for the day onto the kitchen floor and slightly on Sir Talks-A-Lot. He jumps up and yells "EEEEEWWWWW!" About 15 times and I tell him to go to the bathrrom to clean up while I grabbed the trash can for Miss Missy to finish up in. Well, next thing I know I hear the unmistakable sounds of him bending over the toilet following suit of his brother and sister, then yelling "MOM! I threw up too!"

Neither child was sick there after. Hmmm, think it was my cookin'?

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caff-olate Craving at Midnight!

Hubs is working tonight and would you believe that I came down with a severe case of Caff-olate crave?!? The only problem is that I don't keep chocolate in the house, nor do I keep coke here. Yeah those are my two all time favorites.

I searched my cabinets and found some brownie mix, but DAMMIT! No friggin' eggs. Don't wanna bother the neighbors for some eggs. They might ask for some and from the way I feel, once brownies are done, I ain't gonna wanna share! No hubby here and the kids are in bed. Can't run to the store and leave them here....... or can I????

No No NO!!! I can get through this. I mean, guys, I am on a path to lose my jiggly belly (as Sir-Talks-A-Lot calls it.... Brutally honest my gluteus Maximus!), right. Two of the worse things to counteract that are two of the best things in the world to me. I think that if I just stop surfing the blogosphere and get my but in the bed the craving should go away. Or should I call hubs and ask him to stop at a store when he comes home IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to help me satisfy my craving. No I'm not pregnant!! Just greedy!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Parent Teacher Organization

What is it about PTO/PTA that sends many parents running for the hills? Is it that many are afraid of the constant phone calls asking for baked good donations, manning a table at the spring or fall festival, donating money? Or is it that many of the parents who are available, stay at home and have the time are not willing to give up the time they have allotted for themselves to catch up on soaps, get they're hair or nails done, clean house or run errands.

That use to be my excuse. When the kids are gone, it's me time, right?

Becoming a PTO officer was ideal for me. I was spending a lot of my time volunteering in my boys' classes anyway, right? Well the only thing that made me nervous about becoming an officer was the rule that says you'll be volunteering about 30 hours a week. Now, I'm all for helping out, but the idea of 30 hours out of my day... and FREE? Want want me to VOLUNTEER my time, then give me a set amount of hours that I need to do it? Okay where is that darn hill?

Lucky for me, I love the idea of passing the buck, uuhh I mean delegating out duties to others.

Everyone is always saying that I don't know what I'm getting yourself into. I must be crazy for becoming a PTO VP. They're going to work me to death. The simple fact is, I don't do it because I have to, guys. Hence VOLUNTEER. The simple fact is, I'm a stay at home mom. Why shouldn't I take time out of my precious schedule to do all I can to help make the school better? Help raise money for the very place that houses my children 8 hours a day and crams their heads with all of the things they need in life? Why shouldn't I do my best to help out the teachers, address their concerns and do everything possible to make things easier for them?
Getting people to follow suit isn't always easy, but I've learned that if you possess a positive attitude others will follow. So my goal is to get as many people involved by making their first volunteering experience with me as great as possible.

Besides, before PTO, I was seriously considering going back to work. Taking on ANY job I could get, just to get some adult conversation during the day. Would haven't been beneficial to the family, though with the price of gas and childcare. So for me, I get a since if pride and importance. I feel like I get to do something other than sit home with Miss Missy and watch Dora all day. It's fulfilling, so I plan to stick with it for a while.

He fell in a Pond. Yeah a Pond!

What a weekend. If you are sensitive or squeamish or you get scared, panicked or nervous easily, then you probably don't want to have little boys. As stated in my previous post, the boys have had quite an end to a summer week playing outside and falling on their faces.

WELL.......... Here is the straw. The perfect ending to a perfectly nerve wrecking weekend. Runnin' Man almost drowned! Okay, well maybe I'm over reacting. But I wasn't there and I say he almost drowned! My child fell in a pond. One that I knew nothing about. One in our neighborhood, right behind one of their friend's house. A new kid. Neighbors that just moved in. Yeah, a pond. Yeah, he fell in.

Okay, so the water only came up to his stomach or so, but Runnin' Man can't swim. No matter what he might tell you. He just started being brave enough to put his face in the water without having a panic attack. So when I see him, coming home, soak and wet, I'm thinking, okay these boys have gotten into some body's sprinklers. Well, that's what Sir Talks-A-Lot says he did, but for Runnin' Man, that just wasn't enough. Fell. in. a. pond. Said he had to grab on to some rocks on the side. No big deal, Mom! It only came to my stomach.

Initially I wasn't panicked so to say. Don't every do it again. Blah. Blah. Blah Then, all the possibilities and What-If's started going through my head. All of the accidental drownings, even in shallow water. Even when the child's feet could have reach the ground. And the fact that I have been living here for 3 years and had no idea that there was a lake, something of potential danger, so close to where my kids play is a bit nerve wrecking for me, okay. So I encourage you, if your kids play outside with other kids in the neighborhood, know they're surrounding.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

This is a RECESSION!

Coming home from the commissary today an overwhelming gloom fell over me. This happens lately almost every time I go grocery shopping. The food prices are ridiculously high and the budget I once set for groceries can no longer buy as much as it once did. The dollar is not stretching as far as it did and it seem.... no I am getting the same amount of things for 30% more of than I was once paying. That in itself makes grocery shopping a sad time for me, although it is the beginning stage of my favorite pass time. Eating.

One the way home I passed two of our local businesses that had gone out of business. One had a rented moving truck outside. It's sad to know that so many small businesses are suffering. Our town is so small and there's not much more you can take away.

As I'm writing, I'm also texting a friend of mine who is out looking for book covers for her son. She can't find any large ones, as the teacher requested. You know what my answer is to that? Paper Bags! This is a RECESSION! Isn't that what our parents use to do? I'm serious about that too. I still need a few more book covers to cover all the textbooks Runnin' Man has this year and I think I'm just going to go that route. Hey it was good enough for us! I'll just make a big deal about how he can draw on them and decorate them how ever he wants to. Think that will still go over with a 3rd grader?

I'm saddened by this whole recession thing and the fact that I have to cut back EVERYWHERE POSSIBLE. I guess the only good thing that might come out of it is that we will definitely learn the 3 R's. Recycle, Renew, Reuse! (That is what they are, right?)

Recycling has really been on my mind lately and probably my next big community venture. We'll see.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bruises and Boys

What's with boys and falling on their faces??? Two brutal accidents in two days? Come on! What are they trying to do? Give mama a heart attack?

Okay, yesterday evening Sir Talks-a-Lot comes in from playing outside:

Sir Talks-a-Lot: Mama, I just had a big giant car crash.

He's very graphic in his descriptions.

Me: Really. (I don't think I even looked up from whatever it was that I was doing.)

He goes on the describe how he and Little X (Same kid from the other story, nicer name) were riding and somehow crashed into each other on Little X's bike was on top of him.

But there were no tears, so as usual, I just brushed him off and told him it was time to come inside.

About 15 minutes later he comes back and says that his lip hurt. This time I look at him and wow is his top lip swollen! And the boy already has some serious soup coolers anyway! "Bad Mom!" I think now! The boy could have really been hurt and all I said was "really"?

Okay, so today, my doorbell rings and Hubs is already opening it before the DONG. Runnin' Man is at the door with about 3 of his friends and a dad. I look at him and there's a HUGE KNOT on his head right next to his eye. Hubs had seen them coming through the window. The Neighbor Guy was almost running down the street cradling my boy. Apparently Runnin' Man had tried to ride the neighbor's son's rip stick, I think it's called? One of those darn skateboards with only two wheel that twists and in the middle. Oh yeah, I was wondering what he was thinking too. Well he fell and went head first. And I mean really head first. There's like no other scratched on him. Poor Neighbor Guy must have thought he had a concussion!

Needless to say, he spent the rest of the day in the house. I spent the first hour trying to convince him to no avail to put ice on his "boo boos" and keep him awake. Grandma always said don't let them fall asleep after a head injury.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mama Days

The rain decided to hinder my workout plan yesterday. It's okay, though. I figured that if I at least get in 3 good days a week, I'll be better off than where I was before. So today, Mrs. "Confident" (I kinda liked The Big Head name better, but we'll go with that) went for a quick walk around the trail and it went by so fast. I guess because we just talked and moved. I feel great after that and I have plenty of adrenaline going.

I haven't even mentioned the whole back to school thing. I was excited about back 2 school. Today is day four and the kids seem to really be excited about it so far. Runnin' Man, my oldest, is more excited than the younger one, who I will now call Sir Talks-A-Lot instead of MCS. Anybody who knows him knows that name just fits him so much better.

I think it's so cute that when he chose his clothes and he wanted to wear a collar shirt rather than the t-shirt and shorts I'd picked for him. He wanted to look, "handsome" on the first day. He's my photogenic one. The one that loves to be in every picture. He's the one that has always come home clean, even back in Pre-K.

Sir Talks-A-Lot on the other hand wanted to wear a wrestling t-shirt on the first day, which I decided against. I put him in a polo shirt as well. He came home unsure of how much he likes school, same as last year. He said they have a lot of work and some of it is hard. Not the same as last year. He's usually saying that he knows everything. He's a lot more difficult that Runnin' Man ever was. If he doesn't understand something, he doesn't want to get it. I'm not looking forward to homeowrk nights with him at all!

I know that school is going to be a bigger challenge this yea for the boys and I love it. They are bothe very smart. And I love it when they are challenged and not just flying through everything. Let's me know they're learning something.

This year is going to be a challenge for me. I'll say it in 3 letters...... P. T. O. ! Yeah I got suckered into this PTO thing and they were true to their word when they said I'd have to do 20-30 hours a week. UNPAID??? Are you kidding me??? LOL. For the looks of it, Miss Missy and I will be spending plenty of time at the school for one reason or another, for one fundraiser or another, then for one fieldtrip or another on top of that. I'm not so bothered by it, but I think Hubs might be a little annoyed by it taking up more of my time. I enjoy having something to do personally, since we've agreed that I'd stay home with the kids, PTO is a great way for me to have some adult interaction.

BUT, Good Lord is it going to be a lot of work. Get ready PTO parents, cause I aint doing all of this alone. I'm soooooo about to start delegating.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 1 of exercise! And I did it!

My heart rate has dropped and I can finally say "I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!"

It was great. I got up and get the boys on the bus thins morning and just as I said I would, I got my butt up and went a-walkin' The trail was wonderful and shaded, quiet. I wanted to talk my MP3 player but couldn't find the headphones. No problem. Wasn't gonna let that stop me. Loaded Miss Missy into the car along with my trusty companion, Ginger and off we went. Armed with water bottles and stroller.

And do you want to know the best part? It didn't kill me! I'm still here! I didn't pass out and nobody tried to mug me! LOL! I just got up and did what I had to do. No excuses. Me and Miss Missy. Her in a stroller, giving me more resistance.... GREAT! And me taking one of the best BRISK, power-type walks I've had in years.


Okay this has absolutely gotta be an every day possible thing.

Tomorrow, my friend and neighbor (we'll call her Mrs. Confidence, or maybe Mrs. Big Head, don't know yet) has agreed to go with me. Okay, I came back sweating after one trip through the trail. This chick is a marathon runner and a FORMER skinny b*tch. She's still skinny but not like she was! Yeah one of those. Before she had her baby I thought she was sick. Anorexic. No, not really, but the chick was PO! Not poor. PO! LOL. talk about 13 miles of running in the morning and a size 0. Yeah she was a skinny b*itch! So my little walk isn't gonna be nothing to her. She's still like 12 sizes smaller than me. LOL. Bu it'll be great to have someone along for the ride that wants to keep it movin'!

She's gonna motivate me tremendously. " I can hear her now, "Come on, Kay, Stop being a punk! Just 8 more miles!" LOL.

So today is day one to my 30lb weight loss. Let's see if I can stay motivated!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back to school - Back to beautiful!

It's the first day of school! I'm more excited that the kids! And they're pretty d**n excited.

Okay, so I have had the LAST person call me big today.

I know that people like to joke with me a lot about me gaining weight and not being as small as I once was, but it's really getting to me more and more now. Guys, I beleive that I have gained about 25 pounds in the past year, and I can't blame that on no baby, no depression, or no major life changes. All I can blame it on is my weight issue. Can't Weight To Eat! In all seriousness, I don't this it's the amount of food I put into my mouth that is the problem, but the content of the things that go in there. The things that are stuffed with bad stuff that doesn't come out. I guess it's more that I have become so uncomfortable with myself that I am way more sensitive than I should be in this body that has been given to me.

I've decided to do something about it. The excuses are getting crazy. I have an excuse no matter what the situation. Even blogging has become an excuse as to why I can't work out. Sure I have an addiction to the blogosphere, but I can't let it be one more reason that I don't get off my butt!

If Nap Warden over at The Chronicles of a SAHM can run a half marathon while suffering from cold and fever than dag nabbit, why can't I walk around the block a few times or do a 30 minute workout.

Tomorrow is my day. Tomorrow I'm gonna start doing something. Something other than sitting on my butt all day BLOGGING and eating unhealthy foods. Tomorrow, once the boys are on the bus, I WILL take my butt to one a nice walk, hopefully a power walk if I can get someone to keep an eye on Miss Missy. Either that or borrow a stroller. Never thought I'd need it again, but when walking with Kennedy, it's a slow walk. She's 3. She wants to ride her bike or just can't keep up the pace I need to burn calories or fat or what ever I need to burn to get rid of this extra jiggly stuff I've been trying to ignore.

But tomorrow, I'm hoping that my blog readers can go through this with me. Pep me up to get this going. Keep me modivated. Be my personal trainer. All, well most, comments and advice welcome.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

More words they learn from their friends.

Don't you just love it when you hear your kids saying words that they shouldn't say. In my house, those words are stupid, dummy, and I hate.... Anytime one of them says one of these glorious words, another comes running. They were doing well at one time with knowing that these words were inappropriate and we do not use them in our house, no matter what their friends are allowed to say in their.

Well, that was working out for me just fine until the summer kicked in and Sports Nut, my 8 yr. old, decided that it is obviously okay to say these words, as long as mommy, who he knows is crazy doesn't hear it. He is really into the name calling now and I don't know if it's the age or if he is just losing his mind.

I know these words are minor. Shut up is another that they use to think was a bad word until their friends said otherwise. But to me, these lead to bigger ones, i.e the story I was suppose to tell you about MCS's two new words.

I'm pulling up in my driveway after a PTO meeting. Nice dinner out at a Mexican restaurant to discuss the school calendar of events, open house, stuff like that. Well I see MSC stomping his way to the house. He's mad. I open my window to ask, "Hey, what are you so mad about?"

He keeps walking. No answer. I pretty much forget his issues and go inside to talk to Hubs about the meeting.

About 10 minutes or so pass and I go back to the boys' room to check on MCS.

Me: So what's your problem?

MCS: They were calling me names.

He buries his face in my stomach as he always does when his feelings are hurt.

Me: Who was calling you names?

He gives the name of one of the neighborhood friends.

Me: Well what did he call you?

He looks up at me as if he's scared to talk and then finally answers.

MCS: They called me faggot and gay.

Okay, so you can imagine my horror because these are certainly words my boys don't hear in our home. These are certainly things that I would expect a 6 year old to be called. The other kids are older than MCS, and tend to treat him a little mean sometimes.

Me: Go tell him to come here.

Now by this time Hubs is in the mix and we both walk outside to talk with this kid.

Little Mouth come right over: Ma'am?

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm not one to yell at other people's kids, so I walk up to him like I was gonna jump on him.

Me: What did you call my baby?

Little Mouth: Nothing.

Me: Did you call my baby a faggot and gay?

Little Mouth: No, he called me that.

I immediately knew that wasn't true, but disregarded it. I walk up closer to him, stand almost right on top of him, smiling of course but stern enough to let him know that I meant business, and tell him that I'll go down and have a talk with his mom about him using those words if I ever hear them being said again.

Hubs jumps in and lets both boys know that they had better not be saying such things to each other... ever or there would be consequences.

He said that I shouldn't play with the boys like that, shouldn't be laughing or smiling when they do something wrong or they won't take me seriously. I say that they know I mean business and that I WILL call their mom.

MCS comes in the house with us and says that he never said those words and that Little Mouth wasn't telling me the truth. I know my child and I know that he those are words he hadn't even learned yet, up till now.

Does sleeping in a bra make you more MOMMY FABULOUS?

I watched tidbits of Montel Williams yesterday, something I rarely do because there's not a TV in my computer room. Well there was a chick on there that talked about health issues. Anyway, I wasn't really paying attention because I was more into reading through the tons of paperwork we'd picked up from topen house the day before.

By the way, the kids both got the teachers I requested. Whoo Hoo! Think that could be because I'm PTO vice-president?

So I was going though the mounds of papers I had to read and sign. Allergy form, bus forsm, school insurance, lunch PTO info, emargency contact forms, student handbooks, classroom rules, and who know what else, but the chick captured my attention when she started answering questions that the audience had.
One question was, "Does wearing a bra at night really help keep my breast from sagging?"

This was something I was interested in. I've breast-fed 3 babies and now I'm 30. Yes I can admit it. The girls surely don't sit where they use to when we were 20.
Every since I started budding those painfully little knots, and especially once they were so much larger, I remember hearing nothing but, sleep in a BRA.

I was surprised that the answer was NO!

So are you telling me that I have endure the uncomfortableness (yeah it's a word!) night after night when I should have just been letting the girls go free. And I wear an underwire. Sometimes old ones with the wire escaping....... TMI, I know.

She said, and I quote, "Let them breathe."

So the most valuable thing that I've learned yesterday was that sleeping in a bra every night does NOT make your boobies any more fabulous!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fabulously Free Layouts

So how do you like my new layout? Well I think it's FABULOUS! I was reading a post by Mommy Cracked, a totally funny post about her cats, and found a post for LeeLou Blogs. She has these totally fabulous layouts. And get this.... they were FREE and easy to install. Did I mention they were FREE?? Diva Ma is definitely fabulous on a budget, okay! So this I jumped on, because for the past few days I've been searching for a great header at the right price. LeeLou's layout are right within my budget.... FREE. So go check her out. She also does custom blogs, but these are so hot that she had to stop taking orders for a while so that she could catch up. The chick has a family just like the rest of us, y'all. She has to sleep too! So go to her page like I did and check her out. Then get on her email list so that she can let you know when she's all caught up and ready for business again. I guarantee you it will be hard to make a choice. They're all pretty great. And leave her a message. Let her know Diva Ma sent you!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

A new Supermom badge

Hubs and I are putting up our privacy fence. Well, hubs of course is doing most of the work because, again, I don't do outdoors! I don't like the sun and we live in GA! Duh! It was like 105 degrees at 5 o'clock last night. My undies were melting to my butt! So anyway, I do better with bringing him cold water every 30 minutes like a little waitress or something. Have to stay hydrated, right?

Well, my neighbors think it's a spectator sport. They think it's hilarius to see me out there doing manual labor. While I'm out there sweating and getting bit my gnats and mosquitoes and whatever else bites (other than this job), they're sitting outside watching, undoubtfully placing wagers on how long it would take me to quit, pass out, or get a splinter and cry.

But, the process is going pretty quickly. He's working on it everyday after work, and I'm working with him after the sun goes down. That just happens to be my one rule. I don't do sun! I'm all for saving money and the do-it-yourself projects, but don't most guys get friends to help? I'm all for buying a few cases and grilling some hot dogs to keep the guys going. I don't remember signing up for fence building when I said my vows almost 10 years ago. But I must love him because I just couldn't stand back and watch him struggle to do it all on his own. Not when I have two capable hands and a semi-capable body to help out. Besides, it's good quality time for us, right?

Add another badge for the Supermom! Carpenter!

TOTALLY UNRELATED but these are pics of the boy's trying to fly kites in the middle of summer, in GA, in August, in, yes, 105 degree heat, with barley any wind.........

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You can have my baby...

So, Miss Missy had a little play date with her "best friend", Linda today. She was really excited and she always is when we let them play together. The girls love playing together. They play so well that I don't mind her coming over for hours. They play everything typical little girls play, dress-up, mommy, coloring....

Her: "Mommy, Linda said I can have her baby because she don't want it anymore. "

I say, cautiously because I don't like the idea of the kids coming home with other people's toys: "Oh really?" Looking around the room for the doll. "What baby?"

"The real one. She doesn't want it anymore"

Linda has a 6 month old brother.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweets: Cobblers and Kids

Last night I was in my kitchen making a peach cobbler. This by the way was the first time I've ever tried to make a peach cobbler. Anyone will tell you that KAY DOESN'T BAKE. But lately I've been trying. I baked my neighbor a cake (out the box) when she had a baby a few months ago. My best friends in the kitchen are Betty and Duncan.

So, I got this recipe from my husband's cousin for a peach cobbler and because when he made it, it was absolutely mouth watering. I mean smack yo mama good! Looking good in a slammin' bikini good!

I watched him make it and well it seemed easy enough. Too simple to mess up. Hubs, a true food critic was salivating over this awesome dessert. So tonight, I figured, why not? The peaches are in a can, the crust is in the freezer. Who could mess that up, right?

While I'm putting it together at, 9:30 at night, Miss Missy is laying on the floor talking to Ginger, the dog, who is also laying across the kitchen floor as she always does EVERY SINGLE TIME I cook. Well, her conversation is so cute.

Miss Missy: Awwww, Ginger's sad. Mommy, Ginger's sad. Ginger why are you sad?

Ginger: sneezes

Miss Missy: Don't be sad, Ginger. I love you. Mommy do you love Ginger?

Me, barely listening: Yeah, I love Ginger.

Miss Missy: See, Mommy loves you. And Runnin' Man loves you. And MCS love you. (she didn't use these names of course. Duh guys!) And Daddy, well Daddy don't love you, but everybody else does. The whole family..... except daddy, but it's okay.

I started laughing so hard. The history behind that is that everyone know that Hubs really doesn't like the dog. He's wanted to get rid of her since we first got her. I'm a dog lover and I just couldn't get rid of her. She was peeing everywhere and always running off, which she still does. He just wouldn't mesh well with her. But after getting her, and seeing how the kids loved her, I couldn't get rid of her. Plus, I'd just lost Paris, my beautiful little Peekapom that was killed by a car one morning, and she was like an emotional replacement for me. So Hubs has just dealt with Ginger, kicking and screaming the whole way. LOL.

Obviously Miss Missy has picked up on his discontent for the family pooch.

So about the cobbler. It was okay, but I wanted it to be as mouth water and delicious as his was. Ahh, maybe next time. We ate it up though!

Monday, August 4, 2008

I bribed my kids today.

I wanted a little sanity today and I had to start by cleaning the house. See, I'm no domestic Diva. As a matter of fact, I can't keep the house clean for more than a few hours. Sad, I know, but I almost never put things back where they belong when I'm finished with them. I will come back later on and pick the things up, but it just wouldn't be me to put everything away right then and there. My husband and I have had numerous discussions over this as he is completely opposite, although I think I may be starting to rub off on him after almost 10 years of marriage. Hee Hee!

Contrary to all of that, I can't function when the house is disastrous and I can get really mean.

DANG IT! there's a fly that keeps going by my head and it's driving me CRAZY!

Okay, so I woke up this morning on a cleaning rampage, because although I hate to clean, I can't stand a messy house. I think I need a maid. LOL. But the kids, who, mind you, clean their room ever day, of course have a mess that is bugging me. After so many times of going in their room, with threats of course, I finally took out 2 five dollar bills.

............ darn fly just wants me to get up...................

So, I'd been promising them allowance all summer, but never gave it to them because they have the worse trouble remembering the basic. Make your bed, brush your teeth, you know the things I shouldn't have to say every.... single.... day. like a broken record.

For some reason, the idea of getting allowance never worked, but the actuality, the fact that they could visually see these 5dollar bills in front of them actually worked. I lit a fire under their behinds that I hadn't seen in quite a while. Not only did they finish folding their clothes and putting them away, but they cleaned and vacuumed their room, and vacuumed the hall and living room. WITHOUT ME TELLING THEM TO.

Money has a great effect on them. I should bribe them like that more often. Wonder if ice cream bribes would work just as well????

Okay so Miss Missy didn't do nuch , but I couldn't leave her out when she kept asking, "What's awowance, mommy?"

..............I told him to leave me alone.........................

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Chuckie Cheese, gardening & uhh, what's for dinner?

Chuckie Cheese...

Yesterday, a Saturday and a day for birthday parties. Well, we had to to attend. Two at Chuckie Cheese. Basically two at the same time. Yeah the kids enjoyed the four hours they spent eating pizza, cake and playing way too many games. For me it was HAIL. You know. It was hot. According the one of the birthday party coordinators, the AC was broken. Mind you, this place HAD to be filled past capacity because there was barely room to move and I continuously bumped into people or had people continuously bump into me.

I personally don't do Chuckie Cheese parties. In my opinion, in order the have a comfortable party you have to plan one during the week. Weekends are pure dee hell! There are way too many kids too keep an eye on your own. I have three, do you know how hard it is to spot them when there are 400 other children running around? Yeah I know they have people at the door check those numbers they put on you and your kids when you walk in, but still. Some may just one day slip through the cracks and I don't want mine to be the one.

Well by the time I got home last night it was 8:30. And I don't know about the kids, but I was pooped! I sat on the couch and I barely moved until Hubs said that he was going to the back. I got up, followed and I honestly think that I was out before my head hit the pillow.


I spent the most part of today sitting around, besides the hour of yard work I did this morning, finally planting some new flowers in front of the house the Hubs as been bothering about doing. Anybody who knows me knows that I am NOT NOT NOT an outdoors person. I have a BLACK thumb. Chris does the yard work, but in this Georgia heat, you can't drag me to a garden. But I figured since he'd spent the entire day taking car of the yard yesterday, the least I could do was plant a few measly flowers before the sun cam out this morning. So there. I did it and that's the extent of my gardening until next spring.


Not happening today. I just don't feel like cooking. There's plenty in there that they can grab and go. I just went grocery shopping yesterday. Well, maybe I'll make some Hamburger Helper. Miss Missy's still not big enough to make her own food and I won't feel as lazy.

Friday, August 1, 2008

A Voice of Intellegence

Okay, I've always tried to teach my children to see no color. Our friends come from different backgrounds and so do theirs. As a matter of fact, up until my olderest son was about 6, he identified everyone by the color of their shirt. "That blue guy on TV...." "That orange guy said..."
This has embarrassed a time or two when the shirt is white or black.

Living in an extremely diversified community has been a blessing for me and the perfect environment for raising children. I grew up the same way. My dad was a soldier. Yes, I'm an Army Brat turned Army WIfe. HOOAH! Our military communities were giant melting pots. Understanding the difference between one "color" and another meant nothing to me.

It wasn't until I returned to my home town through PSC moves and for visits that I became aware of the differences in the way "we act".

I had to be as young as 5 or 6 when I remember my cousins, aunts and uncles saying, "You talk like a white girl."

At that time, I took it as an insult. "Nuh uhh. No I don't." And for years, the semi-teasing would continue. Someone would always comment on how... "proper" I spoke, and how I MUST hang around too many..... white people.

I've never to this day been able to understand that concept. Why is it that if a black person speaks proper english, as it is taught in every english text book I've ever known, even the ones that are sent to schools with 99% African American students, why is it that speaking the way that english is meant to be spoken, considered "a white thing"?

I teach my children to speak proper english. I correct them whenever I hear broken english or improper uses of verb tense, or whatever. I do this because I know that life is going to be hard enough for them when they get older. There are always going to be road blocks placed before them simply because of who they are. I don't want them to have doors slammed in their faces because they can't speak the english we are intended to speak. It would be extremely hard to get into Harvard, Princeton, Howard or Georgetown if you walk in for an interview talkin' 'bout, "What yo name is?"

I want them to know that there is a right way and a wrong way, not a black way and a white way.

I teach them proper english because I love them and I expect great things from them. I teach them that talking is the way you express your self to the world and is the mirror to your intellegence. And if that means that they will be accused of "acting white" or "talking like white people" the way it did for me, so be it. I'm thankful every day for my voice.