Monday, August 25, 2008

Puke Fest

Okay, Before we get to the title subject, I'd like to blog a late happy birthday to the Hubs whose birthday was on Friday. I'd taken a short break from blogging that day so I didn't get a chance to let the Blog World know that it was Hub's birthday! As a matter of fact, I took a break from the world that day. You'da thought it was my birthday. I did nothing. Absolutely nothing. I when I say nothing..... I mean nothing. All.... day. Until later that night.

So for my laziness, here is my online birthday wish to my beloved Hubs:

Happy Birthday to you!
Happy Birhtday to you!

And a Birthday Video:

Okay, I'mma cut it short because he doesn't read this yet anyway.

But it was also my moms birthday. She turned 35..... again. Funny how she and Hubs are now the same age. But yes, she's a bit delusional. I remember her being 29 for about 10 years and then right before she remarried she decided to take it up to 35. So Happy 35th, MOM! You've only got me by 5 years now. Seems I'm catching up!


Wow, Saturday seemed to be another one of those lazy days. It had to be the rain, which came from Faye, that tropical storm, which was thought to come our way but never made it. The chick decided to make some turns and twists and, anyway, we got a little rain, but not half as much as those weather people said.

Man, if I had their job! They never have to be right. What other job can you have where you can tell thousands of people wrong information and still keep your job??

So the day was gloomy. Well, Runnin' Man got up from eating breakfast and before he made it down the hall, prodeeded to puke in his hands and on the floor. The majority of it did get in the toilet, though, thank goodness. But after a few more trips to the tiolet to RALPH, he was fine. Funny how that works.

But then here's the funny part. After sitting the kids down for a snack of some freshly baked homemade Betty Crocker cookies, Miss Missy takes one bite and prutudes everything she'd eaten for the day onto the kitchen floor and slightly on Sir Talks-A-Lot. He jumps up and yells "EEEEEWWWWW!" About 15 times and I tell him to go to the bathrrom to clean up while I grabbed the trash can for Miss Missy to finish up in. Well, next thing I know I hear the unmistakable sounds of him bending over the toilet following suit of his brother and sister, then yelling "MOM! I threw up too!"

Neither child was sick there after. Hmmm, think it was my cookin'?


Petula said...

Hmmm, dominoe puking? Yuck! Maybe it was to get your motor running after your relaxation on Friday. :D

Diva Ma said...

Punishment for not doing anything for Hub's birthday, maybe?

Jay and Sherrie said...

Jayden had a visit with Ralph Saturday morning, too. Okay, he didn't quite make it to Ralph, but at least it was in the bathroom. He was perfectly fine the rest of the day. Those darn bugs at school. They can't help but coming home with our kids.