Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sweets: Cobblers and Kids

Last night I was in my kitchen making a peach cobbler. This by the way was the first time I've ever tried to make a peach cobbler. Anyone will tell you that KAY DOESN'T BAKE. But lately I've been trying. I baked my neighbor a cake (out the box) when she had a baby a few months ago. My best friends in the kitchen are Betty and Duncan.

So, I got this recipe from my husband's cousin for a peach cobbler and because when he made it, it was absolutely mouth watering. I mean smack yo mama good! Looking good in a slammin' bikini good!

I watched him make it and well it seemed easy enough. Too simple to mess up. Hubs, a true food critic was salivating over this awesome dessert. So tonight, I figured, why not? The peaches are in a can, the crust is in the freezer. Who could mess that up, right?

While I'm putting it together at, 9:30 at night, Miss Missy is laying on the floor talking to Ginger, the dog, who is also laying across the kitchen floor as she always does EVERY SINGLE TIME I cook. Well, her conversation is so cute.

Miss Missy: Awwww, Ginger's sad. Mommy, Ginger's sad. Ginger why are you sad?

Ginger: sneezes

Miss Missy: Don't be sad, Ginger. I love you. Mommy do you love Ginger?

Me, barely listening: Yeah, I love Ginger.

Miss Missy: See, Mommy loves you. And Runnin' Man loves you. And MCS love you. (she didn't use these names of course. Duh guys!) And Daddy, well Daddy don't love you, but everybody else does. The whole family..... except daddy, but it's okay.

I started laughing so hard. The history behind that is that everyone know that Hubs really doesn't like the dog. He's wanted to get rid of her since we first got her. I'm a dog lover and I just couldn't get rid of her. She was peeing everywhere and always running off, which she still does. He just wouldn't mesh well with her. But after getting her, and seeing how the kids loved her, I couldn't get rid of her. Plus, I'd just lost Paris, my beautiful little Peekapom that was killed by a car one morning, and she was like an emotional replacement for me. So Hubs has just dealt with Ginger, kicking and screaming the whole way. LOL.

Obviously Miss Missy has picked up on his discontent for the family pooch.

So about the cobbler. It was okay, but I wanted it to be as mouth water and delicious as his was. Ahh, maybe next time. We ate it up though!

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