Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Day 1 of exercise! And I did it!

My heart rate has dropped and I can finally say "I DID IT! I DID IT! I DID IT!"

It was great. I got up and get the boys on the bus thins morning and just as I said I would, I got my butt up and went a-walkin' The trail was wonderful and shaded, quiet. I wanted to talk my MP3 player but couldn't find the headphones. No problem. Wasn't gonna let that stop me. Loaded Miss Missy into the car along with my trusty companion, Ginger and off we went. Armed with water bottles and stroller.

And do you want to know the best part? It didn't kill me! I'm still here! I didn't pass out and nobody tried to mug me! LOL! I just got up and did what I had to do. No excuses. Me and Miss Missy. Her in a stroller, giving me more resistance.... GREAT! And me taking one of the best BRISK, power-type walks I've had in years.


Okay this has absolutely gotta be an every day possible thing.

Tomorrow, my friend and neighbor (we'll call her Mrs. Confidence, or maybe Mrs. Big Head, don't know yet) has agreed to go with me. Okay, I came back sweating after one trip through the trail. This chick is a marathon runner and a FORMER skinny b*tch. She's still skinny but not like she was! Yeah one of those. Before she had her baby I thought she was sick. Anorexic. No, not really, but the chick was PO! Not poor. PO! LOL. talk about 13 miles of running in the morning and a size 0. Yeah she was a skinny b*itch! So my little walk isn't gonna be nothing to her. She's still like 12 sizes smaller than me. LOL. Bu it'll be great to have someone along for the ride that wants to keep it movin'!

She's gonna motivate me tremendously. " I can hear her now, "Come on, Kay, Stop being a punk! Just 8 more miles!" LOL.

So today is day one to my 30lb weight loss. Let's see if I can stay motivated!


egiffing said...

I think you should go with confident. Yes, I was a little hungry looking before I got prego with Ben but can’t help it I love to run it was like therapy. It started as my therapy to get me through the man’s deployment plus I am super competitive even with myself. So everyday I would go out to run thought gotta to do more then last time. Eventually it took on a life of its own and even after the man’s return couldn’t stop running, I was runnin and runnin. Going to do the whole walking thing this time around it is better for my aging yet beautiful body. Lets face it I got 2 kids and I am in my 30’s being a running fool is just not practical. Plus this should be a fun way to get out and do something good for us you know. I always notice to on the days I work out I am in a better mood. So lets put on are walking shoes and grab are water bottle’s and WALK IT OFF.

Jay and Sherrie said...

WAY TO GO!!! That's Awesome!

Anonymous said...

GOOD FOR YOU, GIRL! I just started walking this week, I started Tuesday and suprisingly, I've managed to do it everyday so far, of course the weekend is going to mess me up, since I walk along the river that is near my sons school, but I guess I could still try to walk in my neighborhood, huh? LOL