Monday, August 18, 2008

He fell in a Pond. Yeah a Pond!

What a weekend. If you are sensitive or squeamish or you get scared, panicked or nervous easily, then you probably don't want to have little boys. As stated in my previous post, the boys have had quite an end to a summer week playing outside and falling on their faces.

WELL.......... Here is the straw. The perfect ending to a perfectly nerve wrecking weekend. Runnin' Man almost drowned! Okay, well maybe I'm over reacting. But I wasn't there and I say he almost drowned! My child fell in a pond. One that I knew nothing about. One in our neighborhood, right behind one of their friend's house. A new kid. Neighbors that just moved in. Yeah, a pond. Yeah, he fell in.

Okay, so the water only came up to his stomach or so, but Runnin' Man can't swim. No matter what he might tell you. He just started being brave enough to put his face in the water without having a panic attack. So when I see him, coming home, soak and wet, I'm thinking, okay these boys have gotten into some body's sprinklers. Well, that's what Sir Talks-A-Lot says he did, but for Runnin' Man, that just wasn't enough. Fell. in. a. pond. Said he had to grab on to some rocks on the side. No big deal, Mom! It only came to my stomach.

Initially I wasn't panicked so to say. Don't every do it again. Blah. Blah. Blah Then, all the possibilities and What-If's started going through my head. All of the accidental drownings, even in shallow water. Even when the child's feet could have reach the ground. And the fact that I have been living here for 3 years and had no idea that there was a lake, something of potential danger, so close to where my kids play is a bit nerve wrecking for me, okay. So I encourage you, if your kids play outside with other kids in the neighborhood, know they're surrounding.

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