Saturday, August 9, 2008

Does sleeping in a bra make you more MOMMY FABULOUS?

I watched tidbits of Montel Williams yesterday, something I rarely do because there's not a TV in my computer room. Well there was a chick on there that talked about health issues. Anyway, I wasn't really paying attention because I was more into reading through the tons of paperwork we'd picked up from topen house the day before.

By the way, the kids both got the teachers I requested. Whoo Hoo! Think that could be because I'm PTO vice-president?

So I was going though the mounds of papers I had to read and sign. Allergy form, bus forsm, school insurance, lunch PTO info, emargency contact forms, student handbooks, classroom rules, and who know what else, but the chick captured my attention when she started answering questions that the audience had.
One question was, "Does wearing a bra at night really help keep my breast from sagging?"

This was something I was interested in. I've breast-fed 3 babies and now I'm 30. Yes I can admit it. The girls surely don't sit where they use to when we were 20.
Every since I started budding those painfully little knots, and especially once they were so much larger, I remember hearing nothing but, sleep in a BRA.

I was surprised that the answer was NO!

So are you telling me that I have endure the uncomfortableness (yeah it's a word!) night after night when I should have just been letting the girls go free. And I wear an underwire. Sometimes old ones with the wire escaping....... TMI, I know.

She said, and I quote, "Let them breathe."

So the most valuable thing that I've learned yesterday was that sleeping in a bra every night does NOT make your boobies any more fabulous!

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Anonymous said...

I don't care if they promised me boobs as perky as Scarlett Johansson's, there is NO way I could sleep in a bra!! That's torture!! lol.