Wednesday, August 6, 2008

You can have my baby...

So, Miss Missy had a little play date with her "best friend", Linda today. She was really excited and she always is when we let them play together. The girls love playing together. They play so well that I don't mind her coming over for hours. They play everything typical little girls play, dress-up, mommy, coloring....

Her: "Mommy, Linda said I can have her baby because she don't want it anymore. "

I say, cautiously because I don't like the idea of the kids coming home with other people's toys: "Oh really?" Looking around the room for the doll. "What baby?"

"The real one. She doesn't want it anymore"

Linda has a 6 month old brother.

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egiffing said...

you know that would have been funny if little Momma did come home with my boy, who knows in about 14 years she might, no lets make that 30 years. I can see it now my Chris all proud and yours pissed wanting to hurt my boy.