Saturday, August 9, 2008

More words they learn from their friends.

Don't you just love it when you hear your kids saying words that they shouldn't say. In my house, those words are stupid, dummy, and I hate.... Anytime one of them says one of these glorious words, another comes running. They were doing well at one time with knowing that these words were inappropriate and we do not use them in our house, no matter what their friends are allowed to say in their.

Well, that was working out for me just fine until the summer kicked in and Sports Nut, my 8 yr. old, decided that it is obviously okay to say these words, as long as mommy, who he knows is crazy doesn't hear it. He is really into the name calling now and I don't know if it's the age or if he is just losing his mind.

I know these words are minor. Shut up is another that they use to think was a bad word until their friends said otherwise. But to me, these lead to bigger ones, i.e the story I was suppose to tell you about MCS's two new words.

I'm pulling up in my driveway after a PTO meeting. Nice dinner out at a Mexican restaurant to discuss the school calendar of events, open house, stuff like that. Well I see MSC stomping his way to the house. He's mad. I open my window to ask, "Hey, what are you so mad about?"

He keeps walking. No answer. I pretty much forget his issues and go inside to talk to Hubs about the meeting.

About 10 minutes or so pass and I go back to the boys' room to check on MCS.

Me: So what's your problem?

MCS: They were calling me names.

He buries his face in my stomach as he always does when his feelings are hurt.

Me: Who was calling you names?

He gives the name of one of the neighborhood friends.

Me: Well what did he call you?

He looks up at me as if he's scared to talk and then finally answers.

MCS: They called me faggot and gay.

Okay, so you can imagine my horror because these are certainly words my boys don't hear in our home. These are certainly things that I would expect a 6 year old to be called. The other kids are older than MCS, and tend to treat him a little mean sometimes.

Me: Go tell him to come here.

Now by this time Hubs is in the mix and we both walk outside to talk with this kid.

Little Mouth come right over: Ma'am?

Anybody who knows me knows that I'm not one to yell at other people's kids, so I walk up to him like I was gonna jump on him.

Me: What did you call my baby?

Little Mouth: Nothing.

Me: Did you call my baby a faggot and gay?

Little Mouth: No, he called me that.

I immediately knew that wasn't true, but disregarded it. I walk up closer to him, stand almost right on top of him, smiling of course but stern enough to let him know that I meant business, and tell him that I'll go down and have a talk with his mom about him using those words if I ever hear them being said again.

Hubs jumps in and lets both boys know that they had better not be saying such things to each other... ever or there would be consequences.

He said that I shouldn't play with the boys like that, shouldn't be laughing or smiling when they do something wrong or they won't take me seriously. I say that they know I mean business and that I WILL call their mom.

MCS comes in the house with us and says that he never said those words and that Little Mouth wasn't telling me the truth. I know my child and I know that he those are words he hadn't even learned yet, up till now.

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Mommy Cracked said...

Oh wow. Don't you just hate that part of growing up? I dread the day when my little guy comes home from school with a new vocabulary. I think you handled it well.