Wednesday, May 23, 2012


Okay, I have never liked going to "aerobics" classes.  So when I first heard about Annihilation, my first thought was


I couldn't see myself in a class that required me to keep my footing as well as kill me!

The Annihilation instructor happens to be a part of my Facebook Group, Huachuca Wives and when the subject came up about the class again, we decided we should give it a try.  Now, I wish I'd done it sooner.

My roota was killing me the first weekend after my workout!  I was in more pain than a little trying to sit on the toilet. 

Now, after a few week, I've gotten use to it.

What is Annihilation, you ask?

Well it's 30 second intervals of craziness!  High speed workouts geared to kick butt! 

Alejandra is an AWESOME instructor and I really hate that this was her last class of teaching, but I'm sure that the girl taking over, Jill will kick our butts just as hard.

I NEVER thought I would enjoy a workout class.  I walked in there today, late as usual, and they were just starting and the class was PACKED! My friends and I have been spreading the word about this class and it's really starting to fill up!  I'm hella excited to keep going and I FINALLY feel like I'm getting a real workout!  SWEAT AND ALL!