Friday, July 27, 2012

Things I've Seen on This Trip...

Things I've seen on this trip.

~ Don Juan Tacos in New Mexico.

~ 2 cars back to back in El paso with wobbly back tires.

~ The miles-to-empty get down to 12 in the middle of nowhere.

~ The sunset at 9pm! That doesn't happen in AZ!

~ An industrial city.

~ Miles of red lights blinking on and off simultaneously. Later found out it was Horse Hollow Wind Farm, 600 turbines generating power.

~ A billboard for FRIED PIES, reminding me that we are definitely back in the south!

Vacation Bible School

Anything where missy can express her personal style and creativity, she's all in! VBS this year on Fort Huachuca was very colorful. Missy was the only one who went this year. The boys stayed home or went to the gym with me. She has come home every day pretty excited to share what she has learned.