Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Middle Child

Today was my middle child's birthday.

And Oh What a Middle Child he was today!  ROTTEN!

He got up a little upset because in the first ten minutes of being awake, no one had told me "Happy Birthday!"  

He pouted and demanded a Belgium for breakfast, so I got out the waffle iron, plugged it up, and... there was no syrup.

Oh the horror!  He was not to happy to have to settle for a boiled Easter egg.

Well, off to school he went and off I went to scrounge up some cupcakes for his class and some ravioli for his requested meal.  Fried Raviolis.  Something new he picked up from his new best friend at school.

He enjoyed helping me cook dinner.  The boy is sure to be a future chef.  He told me today that his wife isn't going to have to know how to cook because he is going to do the cooking.  Smart boy!

So, we sat down to a dinner of fried ravioli, sauteed spinach, and cheesy garlic bread. I think he was more proud of the fact that he helped make the meal than anything.


You really are a special kid.  I love you so much and can't believe how fast you are growing up.
You are a very intelligent kid with an opinion about everything and that's what I love about you.  Know that you have the power to change the world.  You're only 9 but I know someday in the near future you will have big dreams and the strength in you to achieve every one.  Strive for happiness, my middle child, and find just as much happiness in your life as you have brought to mine.  Love you!


Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Weekend in Arizona.

I'm in a great mood today.

It could very well be because I have a great weekend.  It was so business and exhausting, but it was great.  Easter was really nice, especially considering the fact that I am away from my family.  It was the first Easter without my Brother, Sister, Dad Aunt or my mom.  They always came to Grovetown to have Easter with me and the kids or I would drive to Savannah to visit them and go to church with my dad.  This year, we're all the way in Arizona, so visiting was out of the question.

With that being said, it was still a good day.  Our new friends who lived right on our street in GA live here on base too.  I'm so glad to have found a familiar face.  It makes this tour a lot more bearable.  They lived on our street, but we didn't talk a lot, until we got here.

Roxi brought the girl and her 20 year old son over and we colored and hunted eggs had a nice dinner and just enjoyed the day.

Cam Had his birthday party this weekend.

My Middle Child is about to turn 9 in a few days.  I'm always amazed when I think about how quickly the time goes by.  He is such a great kid.  My most CHALLENGING kid, of course.  Very opinionated.  Very smart.  The more he grows up, the more I think that he is destine to be a lawyer! 

It's a beautiful day here, and although I have spent much of the morning cleaning up after yesterday's events, I am enjoying the beautiful weather that Arizona has to offer.  Hope you all are enjoying your day just the same!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday: Tea Party Rep Forwards a "Racist" Email.

How could she not know?

Tea Party Activist and Orange County Republican Representative, Marilyn Davenport, is pulling out all the stops to elude the title of "Racist"  that could very well be given to her by "The People".  She says that she was unaware that an email she forwarded to friends and fellow Orange County GOP committee representatives with a picture of a family of apes and Obama's face Photoshopped to the baby ape's face would be considered offensive.  

Well, Marilyn, not only was it offensive to the President of the United States, but it was offensive the every African American that walks or has walked the Earth.  The mere fact that she says she didn't know is appalling.  Based of her apparent age, she has lived through the fight of Civil Rights.  She has lived through the 60's and could not have been oblivious to the constant comparison of African Americans to monkeys.  

The GOP is asking that Mrs. Davenport resigns from her position, which, based on an article from NYDaily, she is refusing to do. 

Now, while I am not surprised that this behavior goes on in personal emails, I am surprised by Mrs. Davenports, half-hearted apology for her actions, saying that it was a joke and "much a do about nothing."

Indeed, Mrs. Davenport, for the African American community, this is SOMETHING!

She went on in her initial apology to say that she was sorry if she offended anyone.  She wrote IF which says that she had not taken ownership of her actions and did not see her actions as being offensive.

According to Anderson Cooper 360's report last night, this was the rest of her "apology".

She goes on, I simply found it amusing regarding the character of obama and all the questions surrounding the origin of his birth.
In no way, she continues, did i even consider the fact that he's half black when I sent out the e-mail.
In fact, the thought never even entered my mind until one or two other people tried to make this about race.
She closes by claiming a double standard that applies regarding this president and that there was no media outcry about george w. bush e-mails.

This isn't the firs time a Republican Rep has comment about the Obama's and monkeys.  If you remember this post, where I quoted GOP activist, Rusty DePass posting on FB saying,  "I'm sure it's one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless.", after a Gorilla had escaped from a South Carolina zoo. 

While I can almost understand finding humor on your personal emails, I am not accepting of Mrs. Davenport's lack of concern for the American People... I say AMERICA and not African American because this is offensive to us all and sends America BACK in it's quest to find equality!


Friday, April 8, 2011

To All Fellow Miltary

The Government Shutdown has began.  Military will only be receiving HALF os their pay for the upcoming pay period and possible NO PAY for the following pay period.  Many have checked their MyPay accounts only to find that their salaries have been significantly cut. 

At this point, I can imagine the widespread panic of the Soldiers and their families.  How unfair is it that the government has chose to take away the pay of the people that are doing the MOST for this country and already receiving the bare minimum?  How fair is it that troops currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan will now not only have to worry about dodging bullets and bombs, but they now have to worry more about how their family is going to survive, how their wives are going to buy groceries or pampers, how their children will pay for school lunches. 

There are several military spouses, like myself, that are stay-at-home moms because it is simply easier when you talk about constant PSCs and deployments.  That means that several military families are depending on one paycheck.  One paycheck that will cease to arrive in their bank accounts.  It means that those living from paycheck to paycheck will suffer significantly because, although the government is shutting down, nothing is suddenly free.  Creditors still want their money and they still have to eat. 

If the government cannot come to an agreement, we may have some difficult days ahead of us.  So, fellow Military and government employees, I send you and your families my prayers.  At this time of hardship, stay strong.  Keep your faith. 

The Hamster incident....

For those of you wondering.....

Cam Never noticed a difference with "the hamster switch".

What's great is that he rarely played with Gracie #1 because she was a little on the mean side and would bite at a moment's notice. 

This one is a little more mild tempered.  I even took her out the cage in front of him and he didn't say anything about the fact that Gracie #2 is quite a bit more chunky than Gracie #1.

Miss Missy, however did notice that Gracie looked fat, but I told her it was all the food she was storing in her jaws.  She was satisfied with that answer. 

So I think I made it through this ordeal without all of the tears... and blame.

Do I feel bad about making the switch?  Eh... yeah, maybe a little.  But if you know Cam, then you know how emotional that child is.  I'd never live that one down!


Oh, and by the way, Ginger was no where in site all day yesterday.  I was so angry with her that every time I passed by her, I gave her the mean look and she would retreat to a hiding spot under my bed or in a corner far away from me.  This is a dog that DOESN'T leave my side, follows me in every room and constantly sits at my feet.

Hubs noticed immediately that she was MIA and asked what she did because she hid under the bed again as soon as he walked in the door.

I shared my days events and now... I'M BEING BLACKMAILED!  

GOOD GRIEF!  I can't win for losing around here!  I don't want to see what he has in store.  It might be better to just FESS UP!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

This is what happened...

Today has been quite the day and it hasn't even reached 11 o'clock yet.

I woke up just not feeling it today.  I wasn't feeling a workout and I wasn't feeling a walk.

Now I wish I had.

When the kid's left for school this morning, I decided to take Cam's hamster out of the cage and let her run around in her ball for some exercise while I clean the kitchen and chat it up with my mom on the phone. 

WELL... perhaps i should have paid more attention to Gracie as she ran around in her ball, knowing that Ginger, our dog, has had it out for her since she moved in with with us 3 weeks ago.

I'm not sure how Ginger got that plastic ball open, but I don't think I have to explain what happened. 

So off I go to PetSmart for a replacement.  

OF COURSE there were no Fancy Russian Hamsters that were identical to poor Gracie, so I went with a regular Russian Hamster that was close.  

Now I feel like a BUTT knowing that Cam's going to come home and notice that SOMETHING is different about Gracie.

Gracie #2 is much nicer that Gracie #1.  Maybe he will be forgiving now that he has a hamster that he can actually hold without getting holes bitten into his fingers.  

What do you think?

And the WORST MOM EVER AWARD goes to............



Fill in the Blanks!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011



A government shut down is going to mean HELL TO AMERICANS!!!

I'm sitting here listening to the news and I am MAD!  Do they realize what this is going to mean for millions of Americans? 

No PAY?  

This is going affect Boarder Patrol Workers AND the Military!

First of all, both of these directly affect me and my family.  

We are stationed right on the boarder of Mexico and we are Military.

This shut down could mean that we have military Soldiers FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW who will not get paid, whose wives are at home unable to feed their children, unable to pay their bills.  

Those that are making these decisions have a hefty nest egg to fall back on.  They are not the ones that are going to struggle when a paycheck is withheld.


The DEMS have met these idiots MORE than half way and to think that it would still come to this?

These IDIOT republicans are fighting Obama EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  

Do they realize that pushing Obama to fail is not a fail for the first Black President, it is a fail for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!   

This is some BULL!