Friday, April 8, 2011

To All Fellow Miltary

The Government Shutdown has began.  Military will only be receiving HALF os their pay for the upcoming pay period and possible NO PAY for the following pay period.  Many have checked their MyPay accounts only to find that their salaries have been significantly cut. 

At this point, I can imagine the widespread panic of the Soldiers and their families.  How unfair is it that the government has chose to take away the pay of the people that are doing the MOST for this country and already receiving the bare minimum?  How fair is it that troops currently fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan will now not only have to worry about dodging bullets and bombs, but they now have to worry more about how their family is going to survive, how their wives are going to buy groceries or pampers, how their children will pay for school lunches. 

There are several military spouses, like myself, that are stay-at-home moms because it is simply easier when you talk about constant PSCs and deployments.  That means that several military families are depending on one paycheck.  One paycheck that will cease to arrive in their bank accounts.  It means that those living from paycheck to paycheck will suffer significantly because, although the government is shutting down, nothing is suddenly free.  Creditors still want their money and they still have to eat. 

If the government cannot come to an agreement, we may have some difficult days ahead of us.  So, fellow Military and government employees, I send you and your families my prayers.  At this time of hardship, stay strong.  Keep your faith. 

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