Friday, April 8, 2011

The Hamster incident....

For those of you wondering.....

Cam Never noticed a difference with "the hamster switch".

What's great is that he rarely played with Gracie #1 because she was a little on the mean side and would bite at a moment's notice. 

This one is a little more mild tempered.  I even took her out the cage in front of him and he didn't say anything about the fact that Gracie #2 is quite a bit more chunky than Gracie #1.

Miss Missy, however did notice that Gracie looked fat, but I told her it was all the food she was storing in her jaws.  She was satisfied with that answer. 

So I think I made it through this ordeal without all of the tears... and blame.

Do I feel bad about making the switch?  Eh... yeah, maybe a little.  But if you know Cam, then you know how emotional that child is.  I'd never live that one down!


Oh, and by the way, Ginger was no where in site all day yesterday.  I was so angry with her that every time I passed by her, I gave her the mean look and she would retreat to a hiding spot under my bed or in a corner far away from me.  This is a dog that DOESN'T leave my side, follows me in every room and constantly sits at my feet.

Hubs noticed immediately that she was MIA and asked what she did because she hid under the bed again as soon as he walked in the door.

I shared my days events and now... I'M BEING BLACKMAILED!  

GOOD GRIEF!  I can't win for losing around here!  I don't want to see what he has in store.  It might be better to just FESS UP!

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Anonymous said...

LOL! Good work Mom. I think that a blackmailing hubby is definitely better than a temporarily heartbroken child. =)