Wednesday, April 6, 2011



A government shut down is going to mean HELL TO AMERICANS!!!

I'm sitting here listening to the news and I am MAD!  Do they realize what this is going to mean for millions of Americans? 

No PAY?  

This is going affect Boarder Patrol Workers AND the Military!

First of all, both of these directly affect me and my family.  

We are stationed right on the boarder of Mexico and we are Military.

This shut down could mean that we have military Soldiers FIGHTING FOR OUR COUNTRY RIGHT NOW who will not get paid, whose wives are at home unable to feed their children, unable to pay their bills.  

Those that are making these decisions have a hefty nest egg to fall back on.  They are not the ones that are going to struggle when a paycheck is withheld.


The DEMS have met these idiots MORE than half way and to think that it would still come to this?

These IDIOT republicans are fighting Obama EVERY STEP OF THE WAY.  

Do they realize that pushing Obama to fail is not a fail for the first Black President, it is a fail for THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!   

This is some BULL!


Gucci Mama said...

I'm curious to know how the democrats are meeting republicans half way when it's the House that's passed several versions of a responsible budget but the Senate has stalled for going on two months?

House is controlled by Republicans. Senate is controlled by Democrats.

So it would seem to me that it's the democrats who are causing families like ours (my husband is a vet and currently works as a civilian for the DoD) to go without pay for an indefinite period of time.

Gucci Mama said...

Interesting to note that Obama will veto a one week extension that would allow the troops to get paid while budget shenanigins continue. Apparently, funding the troops is a "distraction" to him. His words, not mine.

Gucci Mama said...

Excuse me, I misstated that. The bill would have funded troop pay for the rest of the year. I want that to be clear.

But the democratic controlled Senate won't even look at the bill and Obama threatened a veto.


Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Oh Gucci Gucci Gucci! You spend so much of your time trying to be controversial. It really trips me out how people in the wrong always try to point fingers.

Do you realize that the main hold up with this government shutdown crap has to do with the Planned Parenthood program? Do you realize that it is not the Democrats that are causing the hold up? It is not the Democrats that want to cancel a program who's main goal is to help low income young women have safe pregnancies, prevent diseases and prevent unwanted pregnancies. Do you realize that you are fighting again someone's health. Planned Pregnancies is not about abortions, although I say, LET A WOMAN MAKE HER OWN DECISION! It is about helping people who otherwise can't help themselves get pelvic exams, that may help prevent diseases. And to teach women about SAFE SEX.


BTW, I am only receiving half of a paycheck. BTW, My friends in IRAQ have already gotten notice that they are only receiving HALF their paycheck.

It all boils down to race. YES I'M THROWING IN THE RACE CARD!

It is all about most of the people that NEED Planned are lower income minorities. And as we all know, the Republican Party doesn't NOT fight for THOSE PEOPLE!


Anonymous said...

it makes me really mad when I hear people say that Republicans don't fight for minorities. that's a load of crap, and you should be embarrassed for saying it. what would you say to me and my husband and our families, because we are all minorities AND registered Republicans. we are involved in politics on the local level, and we fight for everyone!!

throwing the race card is a low blow, and I will stand up and stay that to everyone who tried to use it. no one cares that Obama is half black. Republicans back him for keeping Gitmo open and for having 9/11 terrorists get military trials. when he makes good decisions, we agree with him. when he makes poor decisions, we disagree with him.


Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Sorry if I offended you, Cheryl, but in my humble opinion, it DOES boil down to race rather you choose to except it or not. It may not be that way for everyone, but it is that way for MOST. There are minority Republicans and more power to you for following your beliefs, but my belief is EXACTLY what I said, which is that Republicans do not fight for LOWER INCOME minorities. The GOP has always fought to grease the palms of those that have plenty of money. Hey have raised the taxes of lower income people and fought to keep money in the pockets of those that can afford to pay more. So what I said was that Republicans are fighting against Planned Parenthood which help mostly LOWER INCOME minorities. Because they could give less than a dang about the poor!


Anonymous said...

Republicans fight against Planned Parenthoot because we don't believe in abortion! We don't care who is getting the abortions. It's wrong and we are trying to stop it.

We ARE fighting to raise the taxes of lower income people, because most of them pay zero taxes. They should pay their fair share. Everyone should pay the same percentage.

I stated that we agree with Obama when he makes decisions that are good... how does that boil down to race? I see lots of people pull the race card, and, in my opinion, its only people who themselves feel differently about people of other races. I don't care about all that and I have found that other people who don't give a crap about it never pull the race card, either. Are some people racist? Yes. Are most? No.