Thursday, April 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Middle Child

Today was my middle child's birthday.

And Oh What a Middle Child he was today!  ROTTEN!

He got up a little upset because in the first ten minutes of being awake, no one had told me "Happy Birthday!"  

He pouted and demanded a Belgium for breakfast, so I got out the waffle iron, plugged it up, and... there was no syrup.

Oh the horror!  He was not to happy to have to settle for a boiled Easter egg.

Well, off to school he went and off I went to scrounge up some cupcakes for his class and some ravioli for his requested meal.  Fried Raviolis.  Something new he picked up from his new best friend at school.

He enjoyed helping me cook dinner.  The boy is sure to be a future chef.  He told me today that his wife isn't going to have to know how to cook because he is going to do the cooking.  Smart boy!

So, we sat down to a dinner of fried ravioli, sauteed spinach, and cheesy garlic bread. I think he was more proud of the fact that he helped make the meal than anything.


You really are a special kid.  I love you so much and can't believe how fast you are growing up.
You are a very intelligent kid with an opinion about everything and that's what I love about you.  Know that you have the power to change the world.  You're only 9 but I know someday in the near future you will have big dreams and the strength in you to achieve every one.  Strive for happiness, my middle child, and find just as much happiness in your life as you have brought to mine.  Love you!


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