Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday: So our First Lady is a Gorilla, huh?

I use Facebook.

You use Facebook.

It seems all the world is starting to use Facebook.

So why is it that GOP activist Rusty Depass thought that saying something degrading about the First Lady on FACEBOOK was a good idea?

In Columbia, South Carolina last week, a gorilla escaped from the Riverbanks Zoo.


A Gorilla?

This is the type of stuff that only happens in the movies!

This Gorilla, Mike is his name, apparently thought it would be cool to use a thin piece of baboo to climb out of the exhibit. When he got out, he apparently thought it would be cool to chase down one of the resturaunt workers and punch the daylights out of him. Maybe that worker smelled like burgers or something, I don't know. When he realized what he had done, and saw all the people screaming and running for safety, I guess he got nervous and went back home, not eating Mr. Resturaunt worker after all.

I've been to this zoo, saw these gorillas and when I saw them, they appeared to be sedated. Sat around staring at each other, never moving out of their spot. We watched the for at least 15 minutes and I swear they NEVER MOVED! Guess the patrons that day got a little more excitement than we did!

So anywho, apparently ol' Rusty DePass heard this story too. ON HIS FACEBOOK PAGE, for all the world to see, he wrote, "I'm sure it's one of Michelle's ancestors - probably harmless." (info obtained from Helen Kennedy of the Daily News)


Oh that was BRAVE! You mean, not only do you have the BALLS to insult THE First Lady of the US, but you also have the balls to throw out what to MANY people sounded much like a RACIAL remark?

You know, black people are sensitive to things like this. We have been called everything under the sun for many years and GORILLA is one of those things you just don't wanna call us!

He tried to cover it up by saying that these were Michelle's own words and that she had referenced us to descending from gorillas somewhere, some time in space. Well, a search of the Internet could find any results to prove this claim so not only is DePass making such racist comments, but he is also a liar. Imagine that! A lying politician!

So when this, pardon my French, ASSHOLE, decided that he would not only allow this to leave his mouth, but to also have the gall to POST it on the Internet, I'm like what kind of folks do we have in office?

Okay, I've been raised in the south, and I know that this is the root of racism and the heart of slavery. Still, I like to believe that we as a nation have overcome, or at least are in the process of overcoming such nonsense. We, as a nation, have just elected our first Black President. We, as a nations, are working to give everyone equal rights and build a better tomorrow where ALL of our children will feel like this is a country that they can love, be proud of, feel safe and have equality.

But when someone in higher power, someone that we are suppose to be able to look to to protect us and insure that ALL people really are created equal, someone who obviously has some "hidden issues" can say such racial remarks OUT IN THE OPEN about the First Lady of the United States, it makes me wonder what he thinks about little ol' me.

What does he say about those like me behind close doors?

What kind of position does he really stand for if he thinks of us as GORILLAS?

Republican activist Rusty DePass has left a bad taste in my mouth and has given a bad name to South Carolina in my book, and all the formal apologizing in the world cannot lift the pain of those words from my heart.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I hope he didn't think he was only trying to be funny because it wasn't! It was disgusting!

Amy said...

Oh Lord Lord. Unbelievable. I'm a republican, though precious few of our GOP stand now for traditional republican ideals, and I'm just horrified.

Some people are just dillholes and always will be until the end of time. What a colossal loser.

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Bigotry and ignorance is as deep as the day is long. Honestly, formal training, pre-written, edited speeches aside, when it comes down to it-GOP or not they're all just people and as you so eloquently stated people can certainly be assholes.

Fishy Fish said...

And then people wonder why we continue to only support our own people instead of being more open with the world around us.

Why feel the need to spread your racism (on the net of all places) for the world to see and not expect anyone to see or comment about it. This by far is one of the most disguisting things I have read since the year has started and i must agree it has left a bad taste in my mouth as well. Thanks for sharing this info and I will def pass it on to others as well.

La Pixie said...

I think what he said was mean, but I thought it was more of a dig at evolution v. creation. the GOP, as a rule, believe in creation. the Left, as a rule, believe in evolution. I have told people that they might believe theyre related to monkeys, but I dont. and yes, I was trying to be a smart ass.

I think he would have written it about any liberal First Lady. does that make it right and not petty? no. but I just cant believe that he would write it because she is black.

Jenni Jiggety said...

He's an idiot.

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

I'm sorry, La Pixie. I really have to disagree with you on that one. Now, yes, the reference to evolution may have been what he outerly was portraying, but I strongly feel that the underlying meaning of his comment fely to me more racially intended, and I'm not one to look for race in things. I'm normally the one looking for the silver lining or the "good" in what people may have meant to say. I think his intentions came out loud and clear here.

MBB Founder and Editor Denene Millner said...

I'm sorry, but I have a serious problem when others try to regulate how I should feel about an insult launched at me and mine. That fool compared the First Lady of the United States and her family, who are African American, to a family of gorillas. Now where I come from? Them's fighting words, period. You don't compare black people to or call them gorillas; it is a well-established, time-worn insult used by racists to compare black people to beasts. Digs at creationism and evolution don't have anything to do with it. It was wrong and racist, simple and plain.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Denene you just took the thoughts right outta my head. When in the limelight, especially in politics, being politically correct is a MUST! You can't afford to make stupid statements and then just expect people to accept them as just stupid mistakes. You have to know the history of the people that you are referring to when you decide to think you are funny.

IT WASN'T FUNNY/CUTE/HARMLESS... none of that. It was what it was... ignorant!