Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Deployment Approaching

It's all starting to seem real now.

When Chris first told me that he was going to Iraq, I just took a deep breath, said okay, and told myself that that time was a world away and that I'll deal with it when the time comes. That was probably back in February or something.

Now, August is approaching quickly and it's become more real to me.

It's June.

He won't be here much longer.


This summer we have tons of plans, so it seems. I have my family reunion coming up in July and I have to get into some kinda shape because, as many of you know, family are your worst critics when is comes to weight gain. I can just hear my Grandma, now.

Ooh, Kay, you done gone and put on a few more pounds since the last time I saw you, ain't you? You ain't pregnant again, are you?

Okay, so you can't cuss out your grandmother without severe reprocussions, now can you? And, I'm not gonna even talk about the things that go through my head, but dare not to come out of my mouth when those old folks do what they do best, which is SPEAK THEIR MINDS.

I understand that the older you get the less you bite your tongue, but why does it seem that they just let things fly out their mouth without thinking that it might be hurtful or embarassing? Old people just don't care!

So anywho, my main reason for wanting to lose weight this month is not to be healthier and feel better, but so that I don't have to hear how chunky I'm getting from my "peeps".

I haven't been to a reunion in about 6 years and everytime I go I have to PRETEND I remember folks when I really have no idea who they are. Understand, I didn't grow up around my family. My dad was in the military and we were only in Michigan on short visits. The only people that I really was close to were my aunts, uncles and cousins. Immediate family, really. So all those distant people are a black to me.

So, it's hilarious to me when My great-aunt's second cousin's youngest daughter comes up to me and say, HEY GIRL! I use to change your pampers! Do you remember me?

UHHHH........ NO!

I'm looking forward to the reunion. This will be the first one that I take Hubs to. He was in Korea the last time I went. His family doesn't do reunions because for the most part they all live in the same area and see each other all the time.

It's in ATLANTA this year, we're hosting. It's gonna be a HOT one!


Hubs called me a few days ago and asked me if I wanted to take a trip for a Marriage retreat to North Carolina. He didn't even get it out good and I was like YEAH!

Last year, we went on one of these retreats with the kids to Myrtle Beach. It was wonderful. The kids had a ball. We had a ball!

Okay, so it did make it all the more better that the military actually foot the bill for EVERYTHING.

The room.

The food.

The childcare during the morning classes.

Ahh, the life!

And they are gonna do it again. This time we are headed to N.C. to Great Wolf Lodge. From what I can tell, this play is gonna be even better than the Myrtle Beach trip. It's an indoor water park and the rooms are cool-like suites.

Okay, I'm excited. Can't wait to take a trillion pics.

The bittersweet part of it is that these are gonna be some of out last times that we spend together as a family for a year.


Okay, so the kids know that dad is leaving soon. Runnin' Man, being the oldest, understands more so than the other two, I think.

SirTalks-A-Lot is my sensative child. I know that he is going to take it the hardest. When Hubs went to Korea about 3 years or so ago, he was the one that I had to console every night. He was the one that cried for his daddy to come home, he was the one who had an emotional break down at school when he knew I had to take his daddy back to the airport that afternoon.

I'm not sure that I'm ready for this again. I know that Runnin' Man is going to try to be as strong as any 9 year old can be. And I know that Miss Missy probably won't understand just how long a year is until daddy is gone for a few weeks. But Sir Talk-A-Lot, being the emotional one is going to be the one who makes me cry. I consider myself pretty strong, but this isn't going to be easy.

The deployments are really one of the hardest parts about being a military spouse. Becoming a single mom for a year makes us stronger, but still doesn't get easier with each deployment. This will be his first time going to "war", as he has been away for a year tour to Korea a few times. This is going to be the hardest.

But I know that he depends on me to be strong. And I will. You see, I am blessed to have a strong support system. I have my parents. I have my friends. And am blessed to have such wonderful neighbors who, during his last 1 year tour, looked out for me and took very good care of me while he was gone. I am blessed to know that I am not alone. Having a great support system hopefully with ease the pain of separation.

Having resilient, well-rounded children will hopefully make the single mom period a little less stressful!


Ms. Bar B: said...

Dang. I can only imagine. I have a friend who's husband is in the Air Force, he's ,home now, but thinking about returning so that he can provide more for her and their son while she's at Cal... its great that you'll have a good support network though...

Sounds like that is gonna be a great trip. I am getting all jealous just thinking about water play... we're suppose to get rain this week, lol.

Ali said...

Enjoy your trip!

Last time my hubby was gone overseas we didn't have kids but he's scheduled to go to Afghanistan early next year and I'm not looking forward to being a "single" mom either. I'm just glad it will be during the school year so it will keep them busy.

Kristin said...

I can't imagine having to be away for so long....I will keep your family in my prayers. It sounds like you have some really fun trips planned.....I can't wait to hear all about them!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That's gotta be tough but I know you'll hang in there. When the kids struggle the most, make a deal with them that you will laugh instead of cry and count down the days until he will be home again. Do a year in the life type of video for him to see while he's away.

Hang in there, most of all.

The marriage retreat sounds great!