Saturday, June 20, 2009

My Brother the Scholar

My brother and dad

I'm proud of my little brother. He is back in school. Studying accounting, hoping to also obtain a Degree in Business Management.

He's making straight A's, of couse, as he always did in high school.

He use to make me sick coming home all eager to show Mama his report card filled with A's, meanwhile I was hiding mine in my locker and claiming I forgot it or couldn't find it in a desperate attempt to prolong my 6 week punishment sentence for another day.

He's always been the book smart one. My parents great hope. The one that was suppose to go to college and become something. A doctor or a basketball player. That's what he use to say he wanted to be.

Let's just say, thank goodness he was smart.

The boy had the potential to do anything he wanted to do. He went to college. He dropped out.

The herb kills your brain cells, ya know.

But, now after all these years, he is back at it. Trying to achieve something. Getting good grades. Flying through the classes. He has goals. He has dreams. Not to be a basketball player. Not to be a doctor.



A producer/rapper?

The boy's brain cells are just shot! Either that or his dreads are too tight.........

but if he so happens to make it, I'mma be the main one saying, That's my BROTHER! I KNEW he counld do it! LOL!


The Peach Tart said...

Big hugs...big kisses...

T.Allen-Mercado said...

My son is going to university for Fine Arts; he too, wants to be a rapper. I think, y'know what, Mozart, Bach, Tzchaikovsky...they all *just* wanted to be composers.

I'm cheering your brother on, let him know.