Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Tell It Like it T-I-Z Tuesday: Spare the Rod....

I'm not much of a Jon & Kate follower. Watched a few shows here and there. More since all this craziness has started.

But they are on front pages of magazines everywhere. You can't miss them and you really can't avoid being taken into their controversy.

Well, on one for mags at the grocery store today, I noticed a headline from about 50ft away that said something long the lines of KATE GETS CAUGHT HITTING HER DAUGHTER on the cover of In Touch.

I'm like SO!

That's that woman's child. We're not in a world where it is illegal to spank your kids butts, are we?

Well apparently we are.

There was a picture of a police officer. WHO HE HECK CALLED THE COPS???

Hollywoodgrind.com wrote this: It seems Kate is one of those moms who thinks she is the queen, and the kids must obey and cater to her, or they pay the price...

I'm one of THOSE moms!

I feel like my kids must obey me or they will pay the price. That's why I'm the parent! I'm put in charge of their young lives to teach them right from wrong and prepare them for the future.

I feel like if I tell my kid to get me a glass of water or Kool Aid, which I do quiet often, then the better darn well do it! Cater to your parents! I remember being called from my room plenty of times and being told to change the channel. My dad was 2 friggin' feet away! And you think I coulda told him no??? That's why we have kids! So that they can grow to take care of us. LOL! As we speak, Sir-Talks-A-Lot and Runnin' Man are doing their chores cleaning the kitchen and I'm sitting..... blogging.

I'm responsible for teaching my kids to be responsible and respectful and the meaning of CONSEQUENCE!

The pictures of Kate shows that she smacked her daughter on her butt or maybe her leg.


Apparently, she was on the phone and the little girl (don't know which one, too many of those little twerps to keep track of) was blowing a whistle. She asked her to stop and she did it again. That's disobedience! In my house, you are very likely to get a smack on the behind for something like that.

As I have stated before, I strongly believe the children have to understand that there is a consequence for their actions. If they don't then they grow up believing that it is their world and that they can do what they want, the way they want and other people should just deal with it. I find that parents who choose not to spank often, not always, have kids that are disrespectful, arrogant and spoiled. They talk to their parents in ways that I NEVER would have spoken to my own parents. They more often push the boundaries. They are disrespectful to teachers and other adults and feel that no one can say anything to them. These are kids that I don't want to be around.

Now, I'm not a perfect mom, but my kids are VERY OFTEN complimented on their behavior. They are good kids. This is partly due to the fact that they know that if they aren't, there may be consequences for their actions, period.

Yeah, I do the whole "time out" thing, the taking things away, I make the boys do push ups or stand with their arms out. These are punishments that they know that they can face in my house and all seem to work somewhat. When those fail, it comes back to the old fashion whoopin'! And even if I don't have to use this method often, the simple fact that my little ones know that this is a possibility is enough.

Again, I know that there is a thin line between spanking and abuse. I know that people tend to think that spanking is the same as hitting. I know that everybody has their opinion based on their own upbringing. But my belief is SPARE THE ROD, SPOILE THE CHILD. Isn't that in the Bible?

I think that if this is the first time in all these year of being followed by cameras that Kate Gosselin has popped one of those 8 kids then, DANG IT, she's a SUPERMOM with nerves of steal! Because I could never imagine having 6 terrible 2's at the same time!


Stephanie said...


Ms. Bar B: said...

Girl speak on it!! You know somebody or EVERYBODY is bound to have their turn when there are a total of 8 running around, lol. The public needs to leave them folks alone (although they did voluntarily put themselves out there). Those kids are healthy, happy and well taken care of so, I'm glad that Kate is one of "those moms" =)

FalkFamily said...

Amen - so tired of parents being afraid to parent (not that I'm perfect, of course!).

Totally_Toni said...

AMEN SISTA, you should have guest vlogged with me today LOL we are on the same mind track.

Amy McMean said...

I bought that issue mainly because i thought, by god it's about time one of those million children gets smacked.

And it says she hit her in public then you read it and by pulic they meant HER DRIVEWAY. Uhm. whats wrong with that. And they say the little girl cried and that she was in pain. Uhm, isn't that the point. You smack the kid they cry. If she would have been laughing afterwards you would need to do it again.

My parents smacked my butt and I'm a full adjusted person.

La Pixie said...

ahhh, spanking. kids need to know that actions have consequences.

I was spanked. so were all my siblings. spanking is good. kids need it. not just the threat, but the actual spanking.

Jenni Jiggety said...

I am not a spanker...BUT I don't see anything wrong with a swat on that behind!

Rambling Rachel said...

I was spanked and was a big advocate until I had my own kid.

I found that the line between spanking and hitting was crossed too often. It wasn't working for me.

Spare the rod is a misunderstood Bible verse. The rod referenced is a shepherd's staff. The rod was used to guide and teach boundaries. Not to spat, hit or beat.

I think Dr. Sears has some good, logical and Biblical reasons why spanking shouldn't be used on children.


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something to think about

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Racheal - you said the magic words. It didn't work for YOU! That doesn't mean that it doesn't work for me and the millions of other moms that do use spanking as their choice punishment. Whatever was meant by the rod back then, of course this is a new day and age and we are not talking about taking a wooden stick to your child's back. We are talking about smacking your child on the butt when it is necessary to get your point across. What works for one parents may not work for another and what works for one child may not work for all. My thing is, so many people these days are starting to judge the way that one parent is raising said kid. I'm sorry, but in my household, spanking works. If you talk to my children, they understand why they are spanked and do not believe that they are abused in anyway for a swat on the behind. They LOVE the heck out of me and I them. We are a loving family. They are disiplined and well behaved children who will laugh if you ask them if they are afraid of their mother. It's wonderful that time outs and talking works for some moms. But this is my household. I handle things in a way that works for us.