Monday, June 8, 2009

I'll just keep my Vicky Secret's a secret from my boys!

Why did I think that forcing my boys to go underwear shopping with me was a good idea?

So we're in the mall. Just me and the kids because Hubs had pulled an all-nighter at work the night before and I wanted leave him at home with some peace and quiet, you know cause I'm thoughtful like that.

I'd gotten up and taken the kids to the FOX kids fair that they were having. Free rides = Free fun. But it wasn't as exciting as I thought, although these pics of Runnin' Man falling off the mechanical bull were a little humorous.

Anywho, after taking them for a day of enjoyment I figured I could sneak in some enjoyment for me.

Hubs had bought me a gift card to Victoria Secret for Mother's Day after hearing me talk about how I haven't bought matching bra and undies in way too long and I'm down to wearing either black or red every day. (go, Hubs for listening!)

So, we get to the front of Victoria Secret and both boys stop in their tracks.

Sir Talks-A-Lot: N'uh uh, Ma. I'm not going in there! No way!

Runnin' Man agrees.

Me: Come on here, ya'll! Ain't nothing wrong with going in here. Now bring your butts on!

They start to grumble and groan as I pave the way into the store filled with undergarments and nighties.

Runnin' Man grabs my arm and closes his eyes, like I'm his seeing eye dog.

Runnin's Man: I don't want to see all this.

I can't do anything but laugh.

Me: One day you'll change your mind.

Runnin' Man: Why would I EVER want to look at ladies' underwear!?!

I'm cracking up to myself by this time. Thanking GOD that they are really still to young to enjoy looking at Ladies' Underwear!

I continue walking through the store trying to find something on sale, then something on sale that is CUTE and then something on sale in a D cup. It was pretty limited.

Runnin' Man: Ew, Sir Talks-A-Lot! Why are you looking at that lady?

He was referring to a dummy (dummy statue, not a real dummy lady, of course).

Sir Talks-A-Lot is my more, let's say, curious child. He the one that I am SURE will have a girlfriend first, the one that will peak when I am changing my clothes.

Sir Talks-A-Lot giggles: Ewww, Miss Missy! Why are you picking up that big bra?!! Mom can't fit that!

I'm pretty sure it was a D.

It went on like that for a while as they giggled and complained. Sir Talks-A-Lot trying to see what the women were doing in the dressing room, Runnin' Man groaning get him out of here, and Miss Missy just trying to find mommy a bra.

Miss Missy: Mommy is this your size? Mommy is this your size?

It was a job just to concentrate on underwear when there were so many complaints coming at me from left and right.

Runnin' Man: Awww Man! I wish I could just stab my eyes out!

Me: Okay! Let's GO!


Jenni Jiggety said... boys don't love Vicki's either! LOL! But it MAY be because I loudly ask them what color panties they want and then spray them with the perfumes. ;-P

Meeko Fabulous said...

That's hysterical! My mom never took me underwear shopping. Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Marla said...

love it... especially the wish i could just stab my eyes out... every time my b complains about being bored i say we can always go underwear shopping... shuts him up real fast :) thanks again for stopping by.

Ms. Bar B: said...

Ha! At least you had one of them on board with shopping!

Melissa said...

Oh boy do I know about this.... My boys are the EXACT SAME WAY!!! I just tell them "oh one day, you will be wishing you could go in this store"!! :)

La Pixie said...

my mom took me bra shopping with her. I was always embarrassed to be seen in the underwear section. LOL

WhisperingWriter said...


I think if I took my son underwear shopping he'd put the undies on his head. So I don't think he'll ever be coming underwear shopping with me.

Mocha Dad said...

My daughter was with me once when I needed to buy some underwear. When we entered the underwear section, my daughter was horrified. She covered her eyes and asked why all of the men were posing on the packages in only their underwear. Now I shop for underwear by myself.