Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Caff-olate Craving at Midnight!

Hubs is working tonight and would you believe that I came down with a severe case of Caff-olate crave?!? The only problem is that I don't keep chocolate in the house, nor do I keep coke here. Yeah those are my two all time favorites.

I searched my cabinets and found some brownie mix, but DAMMIT! No friggin' eggs. Don't wanna bother the neighbors for some eggs. They might ask for some and from the way I feel, once brownies are done, I ain't gonna wanna share! No hubby here and the kids are in bed. Can't run to the store and leave them here....... or can I????

No No NO!!! I can get through this. I mean, guys, I am on a path to lose my jiggly belly (as Sir-Talks-A-Lot calls it.... Brutally honest my gluteus Maximus!), right. Two of the worse things to counteract that are two of the best things in the world to me. I think that if I just stop surfing the blogosphere and get my but in the bed the craving should go away. Or should I call hubs and ask him to stop at a store when he comes home IN THE MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT to help me satisfy my craving. No I'm not pregnant!! Just greedy!


egiffing said...

Yes, Mrs thing had you had called for some eggs I would have made you give me some, then yelled @ you for giving me some still trying to get in my favorite pair of jeans. Be Strong Be strong.

Petula said...

You're funny! Yea, a stash of chocolate is always good... I was searching the cabinets the other night for a chocolate fix. I think you should call him! LOL.

Petra said...

I LOOOOVE CHOCOLATE! I would consider all the same things while having a craving!

Diva Ma said...

The good thing is I didn't have anything chocolate-ish to snack on and I didn't ask the hubs to get any (okay so he wasn't coming home, but anyway....)and instead I popped a few... well maybe a lot..... of tasty sweet grapes in my mouth and headed off to bed!

So Yes, egiffing, I was strong. I started to call you and tell you to come sit with my kids while I went for CHOCOLATE and COKE

Petula, if I stashed chocolate I would still have to go to the store all the time!

Petra, Leaving the sleeping Rug Rats would be a BAD thing, right?

Amanda Petite Mommy said...

Craving something when you don't have it around is brutal. :)

Thanks so much for visiting my blog.