Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Favorite Toy

Okay, this wasn't necessarily my favorite toy, but it was certainly one that I had to write about after reading about Mama Kat's Cabbage Patch Kid on Writer's Workshop Wednesday.

So I simply couldn't resist telling all about Henrietta. We, I had to be in about the 1st grade when Henrietta came to live with us. I remember wanting a Cabbage Patch because they were all over the TV and every little girl had one. I think I must have gotten her for Christmas because, like Kat, I didn't toys outside of special occasions either. When I got her, I remember thinking that she really wasn't the one that I wanted. She really didn't look anything like me, i.e red hair and freckles. EVERYONE had to know she was adopted, but hey, she grew on me. I wanted a little more like me with dark hair, but more than anything, I wanted a Corn-silk Head Cabbage. You know you MEMBER! The ones with the soft hair you could brush? I remember Trying to brush the yarn on Henrietta's head. Nah Uhh. Not the same.

Soon, maybe next Christmas, she was joined my the twins, Lisa and Jimmy. or maybe it was Michael, don't remember. They looked just like the picture. Yellow velvet outfits and all.

Henrietta was still the fave. She was the oldest. I don't really remember what happened to the twins, but Henrietta was ripped to shreds by Cocoa, my first dog, many years later. RIP Henrietta! No Pun intended there.


Tara said...

Love your post! I'm so sorry to hear that Henrietta didn't make it. It did bring back some good memories! I remember begging and pleading for a cabbage patch doll & when I finally got her (Megan) I signed her bottom with MY name - just like the artist had.

Anonymous said...

Yay!!! I got to be your 1st follower! I want a follower gadget on my blog and it's not available to me yet. Wah! How'd you luck out and get that?

Diva Ma said...

Tara - Now, my daughter has one. Her name is Cadance.

Mrs. D - Glad to have you along for the ride! Let me know when you get yours.

LoverofWords said...

my first cabbage patch was the corn silk doll and I love her so much.
I currently have the second corn silk CPK that I bought myself years ago.

Unfortunately everyone always said I looked like the doll so i never leave her out because I hated being called at Cabbage Patch kid.

Mommy Fabulous said...

LoverofWords, I never had the problem of looking like red-headed Henrietta! LOL! My daughter had one already and I can't wait for her to ask for another, but in a day of Littlest Pet Shop and Bratz, I think the Cabbage Patch is losing!