Thursday, August 7, 2008

A new Supermom badge

Hubs and I are putting up our privacy fence. Well, hubs of course is doing most of the work because, again, I don't do outdoors! I don't like the sun and we live in GA! Duh! It was like 105 degrees at 5 o'clock last night. My undies were melting to my butt! So anyway, I do better with bringing him cold water every 30 minutes like a little waitress or something. Have to stay hydrated, right?

Well, my neighbors think it's a spectator sport. They think it's hilarius to see me out there doing manual labor. While I'm out there sweating and getting bit my gnats and mosquitoes and whatever else bites (other than this job), they're sitting outside watching, undoubtfully placing wagers on how long it would take me to quit, pass out, or get a splinter and cry.

But, the process is going pretty quickly. He's working on it everyday after work, and I'm working with him after the sun goes down. That just happens to be my one rule. I don't do sun! I'm all for saving money and the do-it-yourself projects, but don't most guys get friends to help? I'm all for buying a few cases and grilling some hot dogs to keep the guys going. I don't remember signing up for fence building when I said my vows almost 10 years ago. But I must love him because I just couldn't stand back and watch him struggle to do it all on his own. Not when I have two capable hands and a semi-capable body to help out. Besides, it's good quality time for us, right?

Add another badge for the Supermom! Carpenter!

TOTALLY UNRELATED but these are pics of the boy's trying to fly kites in the middle of summer, in GA, in August, in, yes, 105 degree heat, with barley any wind.........

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