Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Mama Days

The rain decided to hinder my workout plan yesterday. It's okay, though. I figured that if I at least get in 3 good days a week, I'll be better off than where I was before. So today, Mrs. "Confident" (I kinda liked The Big Head name better, but we'll go with that) went for a quick walk around the trail and it went by so fast. I guess because we just talked and moved. I feel great after that and I have plenty of adrenaline going.

I haven't even mentioned the whole back to school thing. I was excited about back 2 school. Today is day four and the kids seem to really be excited about it so far. Runnin' Man, my oldest, is more excited than the younger one, who I will now call Sir Talks-A-Lot instead of MCS. Anybody who knows him knows that name just fits him so much better.

I think it's so cute that when he chose his clothes and he wanted to wear a collar shirt rather than the t-shirt and shorts I'd picked for him. He wanted to look, "handsome" on the first day. He's my photogenic one. The one that loves to be in every picture. He's the one that has always come home clean, even back in Pre-K.

Sir Talks-A-Lot on the other hand wanted to wear a wrestling t-shirt on the first day, which I decided against. I put him in a polo shirt as well. He came home unsure of how much he likes school, same as last year. He said they have a lot of work and some of it is hard. Not the same as last year. He's usually saying that he knows everything. He's a lot more difficult that Runnin' Man ever was. If he doesn't understand something, he doesn't want to get it. I'm not looking forward to homeowrk nights with him at all!

I know that school is going to be a bigger challenge this yea for the boys and I love it. They are bothe very smart. And I love it when they are challenged and not just flying through everything. Let's me know they're learning something.

This year is going to be a challenge for me. I'll say it in 3 letters...... P. T. O. ! Yeah I got suckered into this PTO thing and they were true to their word when they said I'd have to do 20-30 hours a week. UNPAID??? Are you kidding me??? LOL. For the looks of it, Miss Missy and I will be spending plenty of time at the school for one reason or another, for one fundraiser or another, then for one fieldtrip or another on top of that. I'm not so bothered by it, but I think Hubs might be a little annoyed by it taking up more of my time. I enjoy having something to do personally, since we've agreed that I'd stay home with the kids, PTO is a great way for me to have some adult interaction.

BUT, Good Lord is it going to be a lot of work. Get ready PTO parents, cause I aint doing all of this alone. I'm soooooo about to start delegating.

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