Friday, August 15, 2008

Bruises and Boys

What's with boys and falling on their faces??? Two brutal accidents in two days? Come on! What are they trying to do? Give mama a heart attack?

Okay, yesterday evening Sir Talks-a-Lot comes in from playing outside:

Sir Talks-a-Lot: Mama, I just had a big giant car crash.

He's very graphic in his descriptions.

Me: Really. (I don't think I even looked up from whatever it was that I was doing.)

He goes on the describe how he and Little X (Same kid from the other story, nicer name) were riding and somehow crashed into each other on Little X's bike was on top of him.

But there were no tears, so as usual, I just brushed him off and told him it was time to come inside.

About 15 minutes later he comes back and says that his lip hurt. This time I look at him and wow is his top lip swollen! And the boy already has some serious soup coolers anyway! "Bad Mom!" I think now! The boy could have really been hurt and all I said was "really"?

Okay, so today, my doorbell rings and Hubs is already opening it before the DONG. Runnin' Man is at the door with about 3 of his friends and a dad. I look at him and there's a HUGE KNOT on his head right next to his eye. Hubs had seen them coming through the window. The Neighbor Guy was almost running down the street cradling my boy. Apparently Runnin' Man had tried to ride the neighbor's son's rip stick, I think it's called? One of those darn skateboards with only two wheel that twists and in the middle. Oh yeah, I was wondering what he was thinking too. Well he fell and went head first. And I mean really head first. There's like no other scratched on him. Poor Neighbor Guy must have thought he had a concussion!

Needless to say, he spent the rest of the day in the house. I spent the first hour trying to convince him to no avail to put ice on his "boo boos" and keep him awake. Grandma always said don't let them fall asleep after a head injury.


egiffing said...

Thier must have been something in the air because That monday it spread to my house. Sister Dropped Brother on his head. I heard the crash then next heard Brother Screaming I grabbed him looked at Sister and yelled at the top of my lungs. I now look back and feel bad That I yelled at sister she already was crying because she thougth she broke Brothers head, I guess I better just get use to it Brother is a boy and will have many other spills. We can all laugh now and will have to tell Brother when he gets older how Yes, he was dropped on his head.

Diva Ma said...

I was dropped on my head... Actually my mom sat me in a kitchen chair at three months old... like I was really gonna sit there! Well my head never broke and I was fine! Uhhh Right??

Anonymous said...

Are you living in my house? I mean, I've got two boys and uh..this could be my life, lol