Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Actually Laboring on Labor Day

Another Supermom Badge earned!

Okay, so my three day weekend didn't go quite as planned. MY HUSBAND was supposed to barbecue this weekend. Him on the grill, me in the kitchen. That's the way it normally goes. That's the way it's SUPPOSED to go! That's just the proper way to do things. Everyone who knows me knows that I absolutely hate to be in the sun. Don't do outdoors unless the sun is down, or somebody makes me, and even then I'm whining like a 3year old the whole way.

Well guess what. Mr. Soldier Man gets called in on Saturday to do 12 hour shifts this weekend. So what the heck and I gonna do with these darn ribs??

My first thought was to take him up on his offer and wait until he got home and let him barbecue. You know, after he'd been working from 6am to 6pm or later. A bit extreme, I know. But I really wanted that barbecue and yes, being a little selfish and was worth the taste of char-grilled pork chops!

So imagine this if you will (you really don't have to imagine, I took pictures. Hee hee), me on the grill, outside in the elements making it happen!

Yeah I did it! And it's something to be proud of. Hubs really wanted those ribs and I made it happen, on the grill, in the sun! And you know what? I looked FABULOUS doing it!

Now someone send me one of those Kiss the Cook aprons and I'll be officially known as the Grill Master!


Mommy Cracked said...

Look at you Miss Thang!! I'd have had those ribs burnt to a crisp! LOL! Good for you for jumping in there and getting it done. I know hubby appreciated it.

Anonymous said...

Yummm! I'm droolin'...may I join you and partake of the great eats?

Charlene said...

I hate being in the sun too. Heck, I hate being outside period!

Glad to see you took control and did what you had to, to get the job done. I don't like meat (well, not a lot of it anyway), but those look pretty good!

Anonymous said...

mmm... looks delish!

Anonymous said...

Stopping by on the blog trip from Raleigh, NC!! MMM...Ribs...Unless I'm in the water, I can't STAND the heat! So good for you for stepping in!

Farrah from...

Rachel said...

Good job!!! That's awesome. I'm VERY impressed b/c I'm just like you; normally, I LOATHE being outdoors. Ugh -- can't stand being hot and sweaty.

Rachel said...

Dito; I don't do grills either. I would if my husband would replace the ignitor he has had for over a year now. I just don't see myself with a long lighter putting it inside the grill with the gas on...not gonna happen. He always says "god forbid something happen to me" I say "well I won't grill out then"!
You do look fab though and composed!

~Sheila~ said...

Girl! You're better than me.

My poor kids would be walking around holding their little pot bellied stomaches comlaining that they are hungry. I would tell them "there's nothing to eat until Daddy gets home".
And they would drag themselves away in slow-mo.
I hate the sun too. I can never tell if it's the meat cooking on the grill or me.

The ribs looked good though.
Good Job!

JenniBeanV said...

Look at you! I am askeered of the grill! I am pretty sure I'd set everything on fire!

Mama's Losin' It said...

You look damn good with that grill and your shades! What a nice wife!

Moe Wanchuk said...

does he owe u something now? My wife is a titfortat gal.

"Since I grilled the ribs, you have to clean the garage!"

egiffing said...

How did I miss the ribs, it must have been hott because if it wasn't I would have went outside to do yard work and smelt the ribs and stole one.