Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Writer's Workshop: 10 things I believe in

Mama Kat's done it again! I think I talk about her more often than I talk about myself on this blog. She is Just That Wonderful! For the rest of her prompts and to join in on this week's assignment click here. Well this week prompt that I took from her workshop is:

10 things I believe in

1. God - my biggest belief

2. The power of prayer - Honestly, I never knew the power was so strong until my dad's brain surgery back in February. That's when I became a true believer.

3. My children - I believe in them and the things that they can accomplish. I believe in giving them the ability to be kids and dream big dreams. I believe in giving them all of the necessities in life to be what ever they choose to be in the future.

4. My Husband - I believe that he will always do his very best to take care of us. I believe that he will always do what's best for his family. I believe he loves me because nobody else could put up with my mess!

5. Family - When times are hard and no one else can be there for you, your family will be there, with open arms.

6. Discipline - Children have to have a structured lifestyle. I believe that without a certain amount of discipline, a certain amount of strictness (is that a word?) from their parents, it will be hard to succeed in life.

7. Spanking (agree with Mrs. D) - I'm sorry to those that don't agree, but a spanking, not a beating (there is a difference), is a much needed attitude adjuster when the little ones are out of control or have done something they know that shouldn't have done. A smack on the behind is not child abuse.

8. Miracles - I believe anything can happen. Anything is possible.

9. Ghosts - Hubs and I disagree on this one. I believe that there are ghosts or spirits out there that watch us. I believe in Sylvia Brown! She says it so it has to be true!

10. Pawning my children off on someone else every now and then just to get a little SANITY!


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

great list!! after reading a lot of these today - I think many of us bloggers have many of the same beliefs

Melissa said...

I love the list!!! AMEN to #10!!!

Anonymous said...

I will have to share my ghost experience on my blog soon. It was weird. And thanks for the link!!! :-)

Michelle said...

I love your 10 things post......I'm also lovin' your blog.

Jori-O said...

Great post--and I think my blog has become a tribute to MamaKat lately too! Oh well. She's a great gal, gettin' us all mingling!

Anonymous said...

lol. I love number 10.

Mama's Losin' It said...

I was JUST talking about Sylvia Brown today!! I'm gonna miss her on Montel. :)