Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Shallow Competitive Democrat, Yes that's ME!

Okay, so I spent the morning blog-hopping checking out a few new blogs from other people's pages. I saw a few that I found pretty interesting. But there was one in particular that I remember stopping at that I was going to add to my blog role, but went against it. Do you wanna know what my very shallow reason was?

There was a McCain/Palin button on her page!

Yeah okay, I'm not saying that everyone who I read has to think the way that I do. NOT AT ALL! I know plenty of the bloggers that I currently support and love have different political views than I do. I know that some of Diva Ma's Most FABULOUS may not support the same folks that I support in this election. THAT'S FINE! But I suddenly got this competitive rave flow through my blood when I saw that button and COULD NOT ADD HER!

So after the election, fellow-blogger-with -the-republican-button, I will surely add you. It's nothing against you personally, but I think that it's just that my heart is so set on the DEM's winning this thing! And this IS a competition! Like the Hoover Vacuum Giveaway, Winning is EVERYTHING!


Tara said...

You're too funny! I have to admit, I know exactly what you mean & may be guilty myself! :)

Cheryl said...

I have to agree....Political preference is just something I'll leave off my blog. Just like religion, it's just a little too personal. I'd talk about my sex life (yum) before I posted about my Political choice!!

Anonymous said...

lol, I think I know where you've been. ;-) I just look the other way.

Yolanda said...

Though it may seem trivial now, honestly it may be in your own best interest. My first blog roll was significantly changed after the 2004 election- not only were there political differences but the ugly downright cruel things the blogs said (they were all "mommy blogs" too) about anyone with differing opinions from their own truely disheartened me. I'll admit I'm a sensitive person but I can respect others differences without shouting nasty horrible things about them.

For now I prefer to stay in some semblance of a utopian web existence so I too would have steered clear of that blog (life's too short for the drama!)

Petula said...

You're funny as always! But, hey, a girl has gotta have her standards, huh?

Oh... My brother and his wife live in Augusta, but I don't think we look that much alike. :)

Suz @ Alive in Wonderland said...

Hello and thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm glad we are in agreement about laundry.
I don't know if this would stop me from adding someone or reading them. If their blog was simply only about their political views, then yes. But just the button? If I really liked the blog? Probably wouldn't stop me.
I like that you opened up the discussion about this and that you are so honest about it.

Diva Ma said...

Tara - It really was meant to be funny. Hopefully it's not taken too seriously.

Cheryl - I think talking about sex is a AWESOME topic. Much more fun and taken more lightly!

Mrs. D - yeah well, there's only a few more days until election. I'm just staying focused.

Yolanda & Suz - Like I said I have nothing against anybody on the other team. I welcome all comments whether people agree with what I say or not. I wouldn't be fond of the nasty ones because for me its just not that serious to get that crazy over political differences. If I play sports, I'm not all lovey dovey with the people on the opposing team (ask my kids) but afterwards everything's back to normal. I see this in the say way.

Petula - It's all in fun!

Melissa said...

That is too funny..... I did the same thing the other day....

Diva Ma said...

Melissa - So glad I am not the only one!