Monday, September 8, 2008

Obscene Pics by a 3rd grader?

Okay, so my computer is feeling better today. At least for the time being, the virus has subsided. I have so many things that I can talk about, but really no time to do it. Got some PTO thing that I have to attend. A PTO VP's job is never done. *sigh*

Okay, so the bus driver wanted to talk to me this morning about Little Big Mouth. Not one of my kids, but since he's always catching the bus with my kids I guess he thought he was one of mine.

Well. Well, well, WELL!

He say: Did they tell you about Little Big Mouth on Friday?

Me: Yeah, they told me he and another child was cussing at each other.

This, mind you, was disturbing enough to me because as I said, my kids just stopped thinking STUPID was a bad word.

Mr. Bus Driver: No. Not that. He drew some bad things on paper and gave it to a girl on the bus. Nasty things. Obscene.

I gasp. Little big mouth is my son's best friend. I can't stand the influence.

Mr. Bus Driver: Yeah, (and he holds up a paper he has in his hand with some drawings on it that I couldn't make out. ) So don't be surprised if you get a call today.

Me: No, I'm not his mom.

He laughs. I thought he was.

Guess he thought all those little rug rats were mine since I'm one of the few moms black moms, actually) that stand outside with their children in the morning in our area.

Mr. Bus Driver: Well the pictures were VERY obscene and he'll probably be suspended.

Me: I'll let his mom know.

Wow, a 3rd grader drawing pictures that made the 60 something year old bus driver blush! What am I to do about the influence on my own young impressionable children?


Anonymous said...

So what did he draw? He must be viewing inappropriate tv/books/mags at his home. Better watch that if your kid is his friend. The world is going to hell, isn't it?

Diva Ma said...

Mrs. D, absolutely!

egiffing said...

Let me tell you something it just scares me because I have a little girl & and what would I do if a boy gave her something like that? kids its sad how a 3rd grader is already sexually harassing girls, I just hope his parents take this serious because sometimes parents don't till its too late. If my son ever does something even close too this oh will he pay, the ideas in my head. Parents with sons we have to teach our boys to respect women.
This is just my 2 cents but i wouldn't let your boys go to his house anymore. Let him come to your house only and keep the lines of commuincation open with your kids, great job on that. We really have to stay on top of who are kids play with.

~Sheila~ said...

So you said you couldn't make out the drawing. What was it supposed to be. Maybe the kids should explain exactly what it was that way it is clear what his intentions were.
I make my kids admit to their wrong doings just so they know they will get busted and have to confess.

Of course, I don't ever plan on my kids ever going to jail so they better not get into the habit of confessing.....

Oh...this is getting me no where.