Friday, September 19, 2008

Costume time again!

Halloween is just around the corner. Can you believe that? I mean it seems we just put the kids on the bus and sent them off on their first day of school, just had our last summer barbecue, and now, costumes and terrifying decorations are all over our favorite shopping centers.

In case you don't know Halloween is my favorite holiday of the year. For me, it trumps Christmas big time! Watching the terrified little kiddies run and scream when Dracula or Jason comes out of nowhere while their trying to get a few pieces of candy, sending them running back to the streets, candy flying everywhere... HA!

Now that's entertainment!

Even with my own kids terrified of my neighbors dressed as the guy from the Chain Saw Massacre and chasing kids with the chain saw blaring, I was outside bubbling over in laughter as my own children cowered inside the house probably under their beds in tears.

About a month ago I sent my kids to the computer to surf the net and let me know what they want to be. Miss Missy has her little heart set on being a witch this year. But not just any witch. No, no, no. A nice witch. No scary ugly-faced witch for Miss Missy. She chose something along these lines. Last year she was a fairy princess, complete with wings and a sparkling tiara. It was some time last year that she lost all of her tom-boy tendencies and became all princess, all the time.

Haven't decided whether to buy it this year, or make one. I think either way the price is going to be about the same as I found that sewing really isn't all that much cheaper than the store made stuff.

Now the boys are both looking to be Star Wars characters again this year. Last year they were Obi Won and Darth Vader. I think Sir Talks-A-Lot is hoping to be Yoda and Runnin' Man is still kinda undecided. I'm thinking that perhaps I can talk him into being a zombie football player since he already has the pads and helmet from football season.

I absolutely can't wait for this day to come. I might even dress up this year and bring out my kiddie side (not that it's ever hidden too deep).


Rachel said...

I know I can't believe's my husbands favorite holiday and always wants to decorate the house in Halloween decorations...omg we go cha ching.

Anonymous said...

MY boy is going to be Yoda, too! Are yours total SW freaks also? It's all mine thinks about. lol. We found a really good Yoda costume in August so we went ahead and picked it up. You'll have to check out the "A Star Wars Invasion" or "Kyle Uses the Force for Personal Gain" posts I have. lol.

Don't you just love halloween? :-)

Mommy Cracked said...

I think we're going the Batman route this year. Can't believe it's that time again! Cute little Star Wars figures you have there!

JenniBeanV said...

I love Halloween,too! Mostly for the candy I get to raid after the boys go to sleep...

Diva Ma said...

Rachel - My neighbors love to decorate. I tend to sped too much on costumes, little on decorations.

Mrs. D - The kids have been begging to see Clone Wars. I figured they'll be asking for it on PS2 or Wii for Christmas.

Mommy Cracked - they haven't seen the Dark Night yet or I'm sure they would prer that route.

Jennibeanv - I take all the chocolate!

Pennies In My Pocket said...

I'm such a last minute Mama...I so need to get on the ball and pick out a costume for the baby.

Those photos are SO cute!


~Sheila~ said...

My husband and I sat down and decided we were going to make our kids be zombies. (we talked them into it)
We have old clothes that we can cut up and just get some face paint to make them look dead.

3 zombies following mommy around is gonna be GREAT!

...and cheap.
glad we talked them into it.