Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Writer's Workshop Wednesday

Sorry guys. My Wednesday Assignment is soooo LATE, but maybe Miss Kathy will only dock me for a few points. My computer has a Virus and I'm working despite that right now. *shhh. Don't tell Hubs!***

Letter to my 10 year old self:

Dear Kay,
Looky here Miss Thang! Life ain't all thrills and fancies, okay. So enjoy it while you can! Stop secretly being jealous of your best friend, Shay just because she has developed her boobs and you haven't! Sure she has about a C-cup already and you're not even wearing a training bra yet, and sure all the boys flock to her because of her boobs, but believe me! Yours will come in soon enough. And they'll keep coming! And when you're in your twenties, you'll be thinkin' about getting a reduction because there just aren't any cute bra and pantie sets in your size! Besides, guys will notice you too one day. Maybe not for a few more years, but they will look your way in middle school. It just won't matter because your dad is gonna have you so scare to talk to boys that you won't have your first one until 10th grade anyway! So go study something! That's where your head should be anyway!

Enjoy it now!

And Please get over that whole, Julius Battle thing! You're in the 5th grade. He's in 8th grade. The boy doesn't even know you're alive, other than when you and Shay walk by the high school, gigglin' and snickerin' like a couple of school girls (which... you... are, right? My bad! What's "My Bad" mean, you ask? Oh, you'll get with that saying somewhere in the '90's)

And please..... try to start getting to school on time. At least one day a week. Waving at all the kids in class staring out the window 30 minutes after class has already started every day is ridiculous! You are your mother's child, I know. Being on time is just not in your genes I guess, but you have no idea how that is surely gonna carry over to your adult years! Not A GOOD Thing!

Oh, and last thing. Next year, when you are 11 and you get the chicken pox, don't let your dad, the very smart medic in the family, (HA!) pull the scabs off your face just so that he can take you out and people won't see that you have chicken pox. The scars will remain there FOREVER!!!!!!!

The 30yr old YOU!

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Rachel said...

Too funny; he didn't really picks the scabs did he? LOL
Wait for the days our kids get them...oh wait don't they have vaccines now? omg did I get them the vaccines?