Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Daddy Fabulous

I think I may have to reliquish my title... or at least share it.

Last week, I had to go out of town for 5 days to be with my dad.  The cancer came back and he had to go through another surgery.  Same brain surgery.  Same brain tumor.  But that's not what I want to talk about in this post.  If you want to catch up on this before I post my update, click here.

Hubs took on my job.  And I have to say he did an amazing job.  Now while I fully expected that the kids would be well taked care of, I didn't expect that they would be in the best of spirits with dad in full control.  With a drill sergeant type-attitude, I fully expected the kids to be begging me to come home to reclaim my spot.

Not the case.

I, of course, called the kids regularly and asked how they were doing.  They always said that they were good.  They seemed really happy and excited to share what had happened in there day.

Hmm. No complaining about having to clean?

They were responding with smiles and seeming happy about having pizza for dinner 2 times in a week.

Hmm. No crying about having to do push ups for punishment?

They were all smiles and giggles when I asked how they liked being home with dad.

Hmm. No tears for mom to come home?

I walked in the door and the house was immaculate!  So much cleaner than I ever get it.  I'm sure it was partially because the house was put on the market on Friday (anyone wanna buy a house in Georgia), but I'm also sure that it was to show me up!

When I came in, the were PLAYING A GAME OF MONOPOLY!  Are you kidding me?  He HAD to stage that!  The house was calm and they were enjoying a family game of monopoly!  And not on the Wii! 

Okay, so I have to admit, I guess, that this dude did a great job of bring Mr. Mom while I was gone.  Friday was Miss Missy's 6th birthday (sniff sniff!  I missed her day!) and he took cupcakes to her class and hung out for the mini-party they had for her!

Who IS this man?

THEN, on top of that, he bought an additional set of cupcakes just for the family to enjoy at home! 

I mean, really?  Do I know this person??

So, I guess I have to give him his props for taking such good care of home while I was gone.

He has earned the title of


And NOW I know that it is OKAY for me to leave and that everything will be well taken care of. 

So, I guess I can take that cruise now!


Drama Queen said...

That's amazing! Does he have a brother? A clone? (Oh yeah - forgot. I'm already married. Drat.)

African American Mom said...

Oh wow! I have really missed reading your blog. I think I'm rising out of my funk.

You been kicking it with Dolly Parton and Kelly Ripa, getting your husband to do all the housework and finding old friends and loosing the same friends. I love the drama we read in blogs.

I have probably spent a a good hour on your blog just catching up on your life. I've missed you. Hope once I post something you'll come back and visit.