Monday, December 27, 2010

Ready, Set, GO!

Christmas Day has come and gone.  The Kids claimed it to be, "THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!" (as I thought), and I woke up this morning to a complete mess to clean.  We used yesterday as what it was meant for.  A Day Of Rest.

And today it all begins.  I have to sort out things because the movers are coming tomorrow.

Oh, my!


The holiday was great.  I had all of my family under one roof, which doesn't happen often since my parents' divorce.  I have to admit that we put the D in dysfunctional family!  But on Christmas, we were all Just Family.  And that was okay.

The kids were amazed at all of the things that they got for Christmas because Santa brought them things they didn't even ask for, like a 76-key electronic keyboard, which Miss Missy LOVES and we will be putting it to good use with some piano lessons once we are settled in Arizon... which then, I'm sure they will start hating the keyboard, but hey.

There was SOOOOO much stuff.  PS3 games and board games and transformers and Barbies and coloring books and puzzles and stacking cups and microscopes and bug catchers and jewelry...

Today I take down the tree.  I have never taken it down before New Year's.

Today I pack up all of the "takes" and separate from the things that the movers are packing. 

And this week is sure to be a challenge as hold back tears.

We're leaving out First House.  The house we have had for almost 6 years.

We're driving for 6 DAYS with 3 kids to the desert.

We're staying in a hotel until we can find a new home.

We're starting a new life.


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Anonymous said...

Glad that you guys had a great Christmas and a few last memories of your wonderful house. Hoping that the move and drive goes smoothly!!