Friday, October 7, 2011

The Newest Reporter on the Daily Planet!

There's something to be said about taking on volunteer work!

Today I added on another project to my busy schedule.  But I'm really happy about it.  I'm going to be volunteering for the Scout, Ft. Huachuca's post newspaper.  This is VERY cool for me because I get to go out and take pictures and caption them to be printed in the paper.  I'm starting small, you see.  I mean, I figured I wouldn't take over on my first day!  I'm going to hold off on my take over until at least December!  LOL

If you know me, then you know that I have a love for writing.  Hence the blog.  However, I've never exactly written an article of any kind in the past.  I simply can't imagine how it would feel to get something published!

Anywho, yes, it's volunteer, so it's on my time, which means that my paycheck is the same no matter how many hours I put in.  But I'm excited.  This is a great opportunity to see if being a journalist is a career I would love.  It also gives me the opportunity to explore the base, an opportunity to get to know the people and an opportunity to step out of my "Clueless Army Wife" heels and into my "Guru Army Wive" heels! 


She "put me on assignment" right away!  I feel like Lois Lane!!!!

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