Friday, January 27, 2012

Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday... on Thursday.

I know it's not Tuesday, but I have to speak and I have to speak TODAY!  So Tell It Like It T-I-Z Tuesday is happening on Thursday and you can join in and respond and join in with a TELL IT LIKE IT T-I-Z on your own blog!

It's coming back on election season and while I haven't been active or vocal as of lately, there are just some things that get under my skin where politics are concerned. 

I'm going to start with the President's trip to Phoenix yesterday.  

I really wish I'd gotten to see Obama since he was in Phoenix just three hours away from us.  It would have been great if he'd come to Fort Huachuca to talk to the Soldiers and their families.  I would have been front and center!

What got me was the fact that the visit to Phoenix was barely discussed.  Instead, the news has been flooded with the GOP Governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer, blatantly disrespecting President Obama with her FINGER IN HIS FACE. 

Are you kidding me?  I think she's lucky the First Lady wasn't there because I can clearly see Michelle losing her cool, taking off her heels and going back to her Chicago roots on Mrs. Skeleton Finger!

What gets me is how this shows such disrespect for the President.  Never before has it been allowed for someone to just outwardly be defiant to the President of the United States, in open public, nonetheless.  Whether there are  disagreements or not, Governors, senators and politicians alike have been at least respectful to the most powerful man in the World.  But uh uh, not Mrs. Skeleton Finger and not the leaders of this term.  

In the past, something like this would not have been tolerated and would have been cause for punishment in some way, but not in the great United States of America today.  Not when the President of the United States is a Black man.

Marinate on that a little bit...

Is the GOP so set on winning that they have completely lost respect for America?  Who are we to other Nations?  What do you think they are saying about how America?  "The Most Powerful Country in World" would rather see itself fall apart than have a little support and respect for the President.

Marinate on that for a little bit...

Now, let's talk about Georgia, my home, Georgia on my mind.  I have only heard pieces of this story, but is there really a judge that has subpoenaed Obama to court to prove his legitimacy as a citizen???  I thought we were done with these ridiculous "birthers" with back when Donald Trump challenged it!  Now, in an effort to get Obama's name removed from the ballot in the coming election, Fulton County's arrogant Judge Malihi, has decided that he will fight to get THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES in court to prove he is a citizen of the US, which, MIND YOU, is a country he has been running for... how many years now?  What United States President prior to our African American one has ever been ask to PROVE he is a citizen of the United States?  Hmmm?  And they say racism doesn't exist in today's America.

Marinate on that for a little bit...

Regardless of how you vote, right is right and wrong is wrong.  Politicians have become venomous and it is obvious that politics today doesn't follow that of our forefathers.  It's obvious to me it's no longer important to respect one another and play fair, but fight dirty and win at all costs.

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