Monday, March 12, 2012

My First 5K... Walk. Now I'm ready for a RUN!

I walked my first 5K today!  I did it with some good friends.  The same girls I hit the gym with on a regular basis.  Got up withe the son and made my way out there in the cold. Took the boys.  Let the princess sleep in and stay home with daddy.

The boys wasted no time.  They were on the run!  We hadn't even hit the 2-mile mark and they had called us from the finish line!  LOL!  CJ was the first kid to cross the finish line at 25minutes and some second (Can't remember the exact number) and surprisingly enough, Cam kept up with him, crossing 15 seconds after.  My boys are AWESOME! 

As for Mommy Fabulous, on the other hand?  Well, we came in last.  LOL!  We walked the entire way.  I certainly would have ran, but my girls didn't want to run and you never leave a fellow soldier, right?  So, we crossed the finish line at about 45:25.  But WE DID IT!

Yeah, big deal huh?

Well not really.  I walk/run one almost everyday on the treadmill these days.  I do, however, know what people mean when they say there's a difference between doing it on a treadmill and doing it outside.  I came home and took a two hour nap!

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