Thursday, July 1, 2010

Happy Independence Day, Y'all!

I slept in today until 11 and it was AWE---SOME!  I usually wake up between 8 and 9:30 but today I think the fact that I go to bed after 1:30 every night for no real reason what so ever has caught up with me. 

I've become an insomniac of sorts, as going to sleep at night is kinda hard for me.  I'm tired, yes, but my mind is always still wide wake and not ready to drift off.  So I play Bejeweled on Facebook until I can't take it anymore and then I watch TV until I can't take it anymore.  When that hasn't put me to sleep, I turn off all the lights, pray for a while and lay there in the dark with my mind wandering until finally sleep takes over.  It's amazing because when Hubs was here I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow, and that was usually before the 11 o'clock news.

I am really enjoying this school thing.  It really gives me a sense of independence and a sense of accomplishment.  It is amazing to me when I can focus on my Management class and understand what the book is talking about and I can relate some of the things that go on to my everyday life.  I was never much of the studious type back in high school, unless the course was Boys 101, and I never applied myself, but this has been an eye opener for and I'm now kicking myself for not thinking I could do this way before now.

So what's going on in your area for the 4th?  I've got a few plans this weekend.  I really love that the base has their Independence Day festivities on Friday this year. They always do theirs on a different day of the city because the city always has a big festival downtown and then this huge fireworks show over the river.  So the base has their carnival, concert and firework display.

Anywho, we are going to the fireworks display on Friday, visiting a friend and getting into her pool on Saturday and our neighbors are having a block party on Sunday.  I've gotta go shopping because I'm making some sides.  This should be fun because one of my neighbors has a pool and the other is renting a bounce house.  I love my neighbors.  They are so awesome.  When we first moved here, we were all a lot closer and we all would get together more often than we do now.  I think when my neighbor, Erica and her family moved to a Navy base in California, it slowed down.  She was kinda the glue that brought us all together because she was the most outgoing of us all. 

So it's PARTY TIME!  Can't wait to just enjoy myself, ya know?  Oh and the time for the soldier's return is right around the corner now!  2 weeks!  The kids are so excited!

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Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

I'm glad that school is the gel that you've been searching for. I miss feeling like I'm in a place where there is some learning going on but I think in time, that will change.

I play Bejeweled too but just as a way to get rid of the pent of frustration that I have. (It's cheaper than therapy!)

Sounds like the block party is a great idea to bring everyone together. Not to mention...the kids will be so worn out, they'll sleep.