Friday, February 11, 2011

Jennifer Hudson in my new inspiration!

I'm sitting here watching Oprah. 

Jennifer Hudson is talking about her weight loss.


I am looking at her legs and I'm thinking, " I WANT THOSE LEGS!"

One of the hardest things to do lose weight.  I think it is more than difficult to stay motivated and make the necessary changes in your eating habits and your lifestyle to lose the weight and keep it off.

I started a weight loss journey about a year ago.  It was after I saw pictures of myself at Christmas time.  Now while I have never NOT considered myself as FINE, I was not the fine that I wanted to be.

Don't get me wrong, y'all, I was still walking down the streets having guys snapping their necks to get a second look!  But there was something that I was not happy with.

These last few months since Hubs has returned from the desert, I seem to have lost my way.  Somewhere along the line, I gave up on my "new lifestyle" and stopped trying to be healthy, stopped working out, stopped eating right.  I miss those days.

Since I've arrived in AZ, well.... since the movers picked up my scale in GA.... I have gained 7lbs.

I'm going to leave it at that and not talk about me anymore.

Back to Jennifer.  She looks awesome.  Weight Watchers has worked for her.  I want to be like Jennifer.  As of this moment, she is my inspiration.  She's a size 6.  One size smaller than my goal.  I want to be her and I have to stop procrastinating and just get there!

I passed out a few days ago.

My alarm went off and I pushed snooze.  My alarm went off again and I pushed snooze.  It went off again and I got out of the bed.  I stood up and thought, "Wow, I feel dizzy."  The next thing I remember was being on the floor and hearing Hubs say, "You okay?" and grabbing my hand to help me up.  I hopped up and said, "I'm okay."  I went on to continue my morning as if nothing happened.  Felt a little shaky, but I was good.  While I was in the hospital to pick up a prescription at the pharmacy, Hubs convinced me to see the doctor.  They blood work and told me to come back in 2 days.

Well, today I got the results and je suis bien.  I'm good.  They didn't find any reason for why I fainted.

So, I think that I want to get healthy.  Time to start making some changes and stop making excuses.  Jennifer is going to be my inspiration!  I mean , she is HOT at a size 6.  
And if she looks that good, then I'm so sure that if I lose my weight, 

I'm gonna be STAGGERING!!!!



Kristin said...

Oh man, I wish I wouldn't have missed that show! She is inspirational. I think she looks amazing, but she looked amazing before too. I have done WW before and it really does work. I would love to be a size 6 again!! Good luck on your journey! Glad nothing was wrong with your bloodwork too!

Jay and Sherrie said...

Good for you! I'll be making the journey with you. Good luck!