Thursday, February 10, 2011

Stinkin ebooks!

Last Semester, I pulled through my classes with an A- and a B+.  Not bad for someone who was traveling across country, staying in hotels and dealing with the holiday rush all at the same time.  BUT I no longer have a 4.0.  I'm down to a 3.83, but I guess I can live with that.  

This semester, I'm not going to like having to do my marketing class with an ebook.  I don't like ebooks.  I don't like not being able to highlight stuff , you know, so that I can go back and and read the important parts.  I think that if they should give the option of an ebook or a REAL book.  I'm so sure that this is what the world is coming to, well with Nooks and Kindles, but when you're talking about academic, it just seems better for a girl like me to be able to highlight and tab and fold pages and stuff like that.  

With all that being said, please hope with me that I am able to find a niche with this class without a conventional book and somehow come out with a 4.0.

Anyone use ebooks successfully and find them easier?

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Anonymous said...

Hmm, I've never really thought about it in terms of academic books. I do love my Kindle for pleasure reading. I'm not sure how I'd like it for schoolwork. Seems like you'll have to take more notes on paper or something. Good luck to you!