Monday, April 9, 2012

Happy Easter and Welcome Spring!

I happen to REEEEALLY like the spring.  And Easter symbolizes Spring right along with the greening trees, the warmer weather and wearing shorts!  Spring here in Ft. Huachuca is so nice!  I have to say, I will certainly miss the weather here in Arizona if nothing else!  There's little to no humidity, which means even in 100 degree temperatures, you don't sweat like you do at home.  Sure, you have to give up trees... shade... grass... long summer days...

but you don't have to fight the tons of mosquitoes, the sweat-drenched clothes just from checking the mail and the short days enjoying the sunshine.

If the weather could stay like it is in the spring the entire year 'round, I would LOVE IT.

Easter was pretty perfect as far as weather goes.  The sun was shining, but the breeze made it perfect.  When we go home from church, Cam said, "Even though we are away from family, this has turned out to be a pretty good Easter."  Even though we're on the other side of the U.S., we can still build our traditions and enjoy our holidays with our own little family unit.


Simone said...

The pictures were great! You guys are a beautiful family! I hope that the kids stay little for awhile longer (at least little enough to still enjoy coloring eggs and going on hunts.) You are definitely teaching the kids what it means to be a family.

Jay and Sherrie said...

Everyone is growing up so fast. You guys are great.