Thursday, February 28, 2013

Contagion in the House

No matter what the weather is today, it's a great morning.  After the last few days I had, the fact that I can get out of the bed is great.  It's been a rough road in the Wise has as we have been battling a BUG.  It started with the boys on Monday night, I think.  Pretty sudden onset as we were going along just nicely and then when it was time to get ready for bed, then BAM!  Cam comes into the room with stomach cramps. 

"Mom, my stomach hurts so bad," he wines, balling up in the fetal position on my bed.
Now, being then loving mother that I am, 
I respond with, "Boy, ain't nothin' wrong with you!  You were just in here playing and when I say take a bath you wanna act like you're sick!"

"But it dooooes," he wines.  "I went to the bathroom and it started hurting really bad! Can I have some Pepto pills?"  

Okay, now I'm irritated because I have to get off of Facebook (which I'd hidden under my school dashboard screen, you know, to pretend like I was doing something productive...) to get up and find my poor son some medicine.

So I gave the boy a chewable Pepto and sent him off to bed with all of his whining.

Okay, in my defense, you have to understand that Cam is the kind of child that wines over everything.  He is very dramatic with his sicknesses and you'd think that he was going to pass out every time he gets a hang nail.  We've been back to this school a little over a month and he has been in the Nurse's office at least 4 times, that I know about, already.  Needless to say, if he knows no one else in that school, he will be very familiar with the nurse, and usually my number is on speed dial.

So off to bed I send him, only to wake up to him getting very aquainted with the porcelain bowl. As always, he didn't make it to the bathroom and I ended up cleaning blankets and carpets in the middle of the night. 

"I told you I was sick," he says to me, with his head in the bowl.  

And as I'm cleaning up what had to be the worst pile of puke ever (we'd had stake and collard greens for dinner), I look at him and tell him, "Why must you always have me up with you when you're sick?  No one gets up with me when I'm sick."

He smiles and say, "Well, that's part of being a mom."

Boy, is he lucky I love him.

After about the 3rd time of getting out of the bed, Cam decided that the best place for him was the bathroom floor, so that's where he took him blanket and pillow for easy access.

5am rolls around and I hear someone roaming the downstairs.  As I get up to head down to investigate, I see Cam still sleeping in the bathroom and CJ coming up the stairs.

"Mom, my stomach hurts really bad."


Well, both boys were taken to see the doctor, as I wasn't sure if they had food poisoning or something else.  We'd eaten at a buffet the night before, so you never know.  

A really bad virus is going around apparently.  

Later that night, we're watching Contagion which we'd rented from Netflix and boy does that movie make you THINK about what you touch and what you're passing around!  Perfect timing, because during the movie, I also had become quite acquainted with the porcelain bowl...      


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