Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hobby Lobby Field Trip

I took all three kiddos to Hobby Lobby last night to buy the things I need for the poodle skirt I'm making for Miss Missy for the 50s Sock Hop Daddy-Daughter Dance on Friday. I fully expected an all out whine feat from the boys. Quiet the contrary! They LOVED the store from the time they walked through the door! The ooooo's and aaaaaah's were amazing as they walked through the store talking about the things they wanted to decorate their rooms with and put in our future home? You know, the one that will have a movie room, a man cave and a game room? Yes they have it all planned out! They talked about how great the store was, how much they loved the stuff and how organized it was. They kept talking about how they couldn't wait to come back. Yes, they are 10 and 13!

They didn't mind looking at fabric because there were so many prints and they had ideas for what they wanted me to make for them. And when we moved on to the area with model cars and science kits, I swear I hear heaven's harps begin playing around them as their jaws dropped and they kept telling me how cool everything was!

Oh how I missed Hobby Lobby! There wasn't one I Sierra Vista. There was nothing even close. And they didn't really remember the store because I only went when they were in school when we were here in Augusta 2 years ago.

So on to the poodle skirt. I have two days to do this skirt. Never have I actually completed a project in such a short time. Never have I actually completed many projects period. I literally dusted off my sewing machine. It hasn't been used in at least 3 years. This is going to be really interesting!!

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