Monday, March 7, 2011

Time to Get My Sexy Back!

Excuse the mess that I have here in my page, y'all.  I'm in the process of teaching myself to design my own blog.  So right now, we are 


OooWee, y'all, not only is my blog under construction, but so is my body!  I have been off the workout wagon for 3 months now.  If I was really honest with myself, I'd have to say that I fell off the wagon when Hubs came back in July, but I'm going to continue to lie to myself and pretend that I was working out up until the move came in to play.

So, to motivate myself, I decided to buy myself some new workout gear, because as you all know, nothing makes you feel good like some new duds.  AND, now that I have cable instead of satellite, I have the option of working out to all of those free workout programs that I can access at anytime.  

I don't know what I was thinking, but today I decided to try out some Juillian Michaels.  After 3 months of NO workout activity?  Go hard like that?  Oh yeah, that was smart!  But you know what?  I made it through the 40 minute workout and went on to some butt work.  

And you know what?  I feel pretty darn good!

It musta been the cool new workout pants and tank top. 

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Drama Queen said...

Hey - it's never too late to get your groove back on! But really? Jillian? I would have died.