Monday, May 20, 2013

Doggie Hunger Strike!

Ginger ran out of dog food the night the night before we were to drive to Albany for my stepdaughter's graduation. Her normal dogfood comes from Petsmart and because it was after 8 when I noticed it and I was in the middle of braiding Miss Missy's hair AND there is no Petsmart in our little town (it's about a 15min drive down the highway), Chris went to Foodlion to grab her a bag.

Now, if you know Ginger, you know that she is the most picky dog in the world. Any dog that will walk away from a half-cooked turkey meatball that has fallen out of the frying pan on to the floor really is not your average dog. Apparently it wasn't done enough for her. Well, Chris was sure she would eat the dogfood because it had chunks of chicken in it. I simply smirked as he put if in her dish because I know that changing her food usually causes the dog to go on a hunger strike. 

Well, she laid down next to her bowl and started eating. (Yes, she is just that lazy that she LAYS down to eat her food!). She was eating it. A few minutes later she walks away, leaving chunks of dogfood on the floor.  She'd done just as I though she would. She took out all of the chicken pieces and left the green vegatable and other pieces in the bowl. 

So now, refusing to buy her another bag, Chris has banned everyone from feeding her until she eats the other pieces of food on her bowl!

He doesn't know her very well because I'm sure she will sooner starve than eat food she doesn't like. As I type, her stomach is growling SO loud and so much I'm going to have to sneak her some food out of sympathy! 

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