Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Pain! The Agony! THE FEET!

It was quite the beautiful morning this morning and I got up and decided to walk the kids to school.  The school is literally a 5 minute walk and I think they could seriously walk it daily if the rules here in Groovytown were not that kids can't walk to school without a parent..  There were only 2 other parents that walked their kids to school today.  Sad, I think because it's a great bonding time and great exercise as well.

However, my feet hurt so bad!  Every since that 4 hour walk Chris and I took down by Savannah River, my feet haven't been quite right.  And the 2 weeks off of them that the doctor recommended, well that didn't work.  My arches are non-existent.  I'm not happy about that because that causes me the worst trouble in my exercises.  I think it also could be the cause of the cramps I'm always getting in my leg muscles.  I think it's the peroneus longus (Whatever that means)

So what's the solution?

New shoes?  Dr. Scholls?  Surgery?  Not sure what the next step is, but It's only getting worse and it's now hurting to walk around stores, take walks and stand too long.

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