Sunday, February 15, 2009

Our school and Black History Month

I've been M.I.A in the blog world as I have been EXTREMELY busy in my own lately. Who'da guessed?

Okay, so as you all know, I was bamboozled into being a PTO VP at the end of last year. Well, when they said that you are expected to spend 30 hours a week at the school, I simply laughed. Me? 30 hours? UNPAID? FREE? VOLUNTEER TIME? HA!

Okay, well they weren't kidding because there are seriously times when I have to be at the school or working from home JUST AS MUCH AS THE FREAKIN' TEACHERS!

So we are in the middle of Black History Month and I, along with a few other wonderful volunteers, have been responsible for the activities. We have planned a performance by some African dancers called the Abatsu Dancers that I am very excited about. This will give kids bit of understanding of the culture from which African American come from.

We have put together a series of black history facts to be read over the intercom for the students to listen to, learn from and possible earn prizes at the end other the week.

We have also worked out behinds off on putting together a "Taste of Soul" luncheon for our wonderful teachers. We have asked for parents to donation and we have solicited (that sounds DIRTY) business for some southern style soul food and I THINK we finally have enough! I'm so excited and nervous about this whole thing that I can hardly sleep. I had a nightmare that the dancers showed up an hour late and our principal kept giving me the evil eye while the kids waited in the auditorium for the show to start.

I've had a heck of a month, but you know what? I feel it is rewarding. I feel that had we not taken the initiative to put this all together, our students would not gotten much out of the month itself.

I'm proud to say that I was on a committee committed to educating the students on something that was overlooked last year, our school's very first year.

And now, I'm tired as heck! And I can't believe that I'm gonna say this, but I can't wait for this month, the shortest month of the year, to be over! LOL!


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sounds tiring but yet, exciting! I can't wait to hear about the kids reactions. If only more schools would do the same.


Ms. Bar B: said...

I love to watch African dance. Just makes you wanna move your body right along with em'. Way to go with all the planning. Better get ready for next year because I am pretty sure that they will be calling on you and looking to you to continue the education.

Renée aka Mekhismom said...

Kudos to you for devoting your time to the school. We need more parents like you! I know this event is going to go off without a hitch. Congratulations!

Melissa said...

My boy's school just had a Black History month celebration...and my oldest son's band played there!!
It was really cool!!