Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tell it like it T-I-Z Tuesday

Let's talk about this psycho chick that just gave birth to 8 babies. Okay aside from the rest of the story, having 8 babies at a time makes her crazy in my book.

Moving right along........

So apparently this nut case is 33 years old and had some eggs that she had previously frozen put in, EIGHT OF THEM, and they ALL TAKE!

Okay, I'll get back to her, but whoever the doctor is that did this procedure should have his lisense taken away and burned. I mean, what the heck was he thinking? It's not safe for the mom to be pregnant with that many babies. What the heck? She ain't a golden retriever!

A normal doctor usually sticks one or two eggs in a woman over 30. That's what's safe for the mom and the babies. I just wonder what this chick had to tell that doctor to do that?

It couldn't have been money!

Did I mention that she lives with her parents. Did I mention that they live in a very small house? Did I mention that she has 6 other kids???

SIX! If my math is right, that makes 14 kids in one friggin' house! I'm crazy with the 3! She could use some psychological therapy!

I bet she was thinking that she was gonna get that "Awwww" welcome that all these other moms get that have been giving birth to these extreme number of multiples. Perhaps she was thinking that the community was gonna come together and have a butt load of pampers, 8 carseats and a school bus waiting outside the hospital to meet the new parents.

Wait! Did I mention that there's no father in the picture!?!?! Sigh. So who is gonna be responsible for paying for these babies? Grandma and Grandpa! And of course the good ol' U.S. of A!

Michael Phelps
Wow! How the heck can you get caught with a huge bong to your mouth and let somebody get a picture? A GOOD picture! Okay, you know that had to be one of his boys taking that picture. It was too darn close. Wasn't the darn paparazzi. He got GOT by one of his boys that dared him to hit that shyznit and while he was hitting it real hard, his boy took out his camera phone and BAM!! $25G's for the highest bidder!
Athlete's are smaaaaarrrrt!
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T.Allen-Mercado said...

I can't stop laughing at the golden retriever comment. I'm not sure what her probem is and I'm generally beating my feminist drum at the slightest hint of infringinging upon reproductive rights, but even I have to step back on this one. I had to bring everything but the holy grail and BEG them to take my uterus and they give this dummy 8, eight, ocho huit, embryos-foooooooolishness!

The irony on ol' Phelpsy-poo is had he not been hitting the bong he might have given just a tad more thought to what he was doing. Standard jock v. brain theory.

Get your linky working-I can get with this on a weekly basis. ;)

Melissa said...

No kidding.......this woman (and the doctor) is N-U-T-S!!!

i signed Mr. Linky, but I'm not sure it showed up....? Anyway, I am so glad you have let me participate again!! :)

HeatherY said...

The lady with all those kids is just crazy. When I heard the whole story about the mom, I though - You have got to be kidding me. What kind of crack is that chick smoking? Um, I really want a lot of kids so I'm going to use a sperm donor and use ALL the fertilized eggs. CRAZY!

As for Michael Phelps getting his smoke on - That explains the true reason for his 30,000 calorie a day diet. ;-)

Jenni Jiggety said...

What does anyone even WANT with 14 kids? LOL! Craziness!