Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Husband's toothbrush

You ever immediately knew that it was gonna be JUST ONE OF THOSE DAYS?

I brushed my teeth with my husband's toothbrush this morning. Perhaps I should have waited until my eyes were fully opened before starting my daily regiment this morning. I used his toothbrush and didn't realize what gross and disgusting thing I'd done until I went to rinse and spit and realize I didn't normally use a blue toothbrush.

Okay, yeah, this is the man that I kiss. Yeah, we share foods sometimes, eat off the same fork or sip off the same straw, but I am totally grossed out by using someone else's toothbrush. ANYONE else's toothbrush. That is the very item that he uses to brush the grossness out of his mouth every morning the old food, plaque build up and the morning breath and I just transferred all that into my mouth. Just plain gross! I'm just getting sick thinking about throwing up!


I drug myself out of bed this morning because I REALLY didn't want to get up. I was sleeping so good, as I'd gone to bed late as usual, and my phone starts to ring at about 8.

I know I haven't been posting much lately but I've been dealing with my cousin and the last bit of the Family Reunion planning and I promise you that I can't wait for this craziness to be over and done. Have you ever planned a family reunion? Me neither. My planning usually consists of showing up, what to wear and what to say to those folks that ask, "Do you remember me?"

Why oh why did I decide to put my 2 cents in on the actual planning? My cousin ran with that and hasn't stopped ringing my bell for 2 months.

I thought the early morning call was her so I didn't answer. I thought the next call on my house phone was her too, so I didn't turn over. I KNEW the text messages just HAD to be her so I ignored them. Unfortunately the calls and texts didn't stop so here I am, up, checking email and readying myself for another stressful day.

Family Reunion Planning:

Would you believe that someone asked for their money back for the reunion fees less than 2 weeks before the reunion?

Excuse ME?? Okay, all orders have been place, all expenses have been paid and all contracts have been signed and the companies that we are working with are not interested in returing the money. So apparently now you angry family member who doesn't want to attend for whatever reason and want a refund? At the last minute? I say TOUCH TISSUE PAPER! I sympathize with you and the fact that you lost $200, but SORRY! The money aint comimg out of my pocket. Call Stone Mountain. The the banquet hall, call the tour bus people and see if they are gonna give you your money back this late in the game. Everything is paid for because we are having this darn thing in two weeks. OH well! Sorry Charlie!

WHY OH WHY don't we have our t-shirts yet??? She order them online from a company called Tshirt Cafe and I'll be darn if they are not trying to screw us out of our money.

Looky here Mr. T-shirt man of T-Shirt Cafe, you promised that you'd have our t-shirts done and in our hands within two weeks of ordering. Why is it that a month later we are still waiting? Why haven't you answered my cousins calls and why is it that suddenly you happened to have a family emergency a week before I NEED MY SHIRTS????

You haven't sent an invoice, a tracking number for shipping... you know, I'm starting to think you're screwing my cousin. I'm starting to think that you have a full-o- s*** business and that you got the money and ran. I'm starting think that I might have to let all my friends and family know about you and your work or lack there of and I might have to spread the word about how WONDERFULLY you have treated your customers. I might have to BLOG about you and tell all both of my blog followers how they shouldn't use you based on my cousin's experience. (yeah I said all both because I sure that I have a good 2 right now! LOL) That'll show you!

I imagine that you are sitting in your single wide trailer in Henderson, North Carolina, picking lint and pork rind crumbs out of your belly button, laughing hysterically that the Perry Banks York family who really thought you were gonna send them some OBAMA reunion shirts! (if you are about to send the shirts and you read this, Mr. Tshirt Cafe Man, please take it as just jokes and rush off the the post office. I didn't mean it! LOL)

I'll do it too!


So amidst all the drama, there is a silver lining. I haven't seen Paris Jackson cry in Janet's arms one time yet! Now THAT'S a blessing!


African American Mom said...

I cannot believe you have not seen Paris cry into Janet's arms yet? You must not be watching TV. I have seen it at least 20 times and each time I just tear up like a big ole baby and mentally yell "Just leave them alone!"

Diva Ma @ Mommy Fabulous said...

Believe me, I have seen her cry, just not this morning. I had most of my TV's off.

Kari said...

Kept reading your blogs and I'm still laughing. I should be sleeping, instead I'm reading about toothpaste escipades (sp?) and I love it. So funny...